New Hot Topic Exclusives Coming Soon!

Hot Topic held a Periscope livestream last night and two upcoming exclusives were revealed! First up is a flocked Dug from the Disney/Pixar movie, Up!  The second is a Clark Kent Pop!, something fans have been asking for for some time now! Now you can finally add Superman’s alter-ego to your Pop! collection! Both of […]

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Toy Tokyo SDCC Exclusives (Glams)

Wave 4 of Funko’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives were announced today and we also got a better look at two of Toy Tokyo’s Funko exclusives that will be available at the event (at the Toy Tokyo booth). First up is Dug from Up! sporting the dreaded ‘cone of shame’. The second is a Buffy two-pack of Pops that contains […]

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Toy Tokyo SDCC 2016 exclusives

In another first, a video of Toy Tokyo exclusives for this year’s SDCC has just hit the Internet. The first is Dug from Disney’s Up with a cone around his head. And no, it’s not flocked. The second is a two-pack of Buffy and Angel in vampire mode. More Toy Tokyo reveals have been promised next […]

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Dug from Up Glamshot!

Ikon Collectibles (an Australian toy distributor) has listed Dug from Up on their site and it includes the first look at the glam for the cute canine! You can expect to see him pop up for preorder Stateside soon! Dug joins Carl and Russel as the third character from Up to get the Pop! treatment. […]

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