Fantastic Beast Pops and Where to Find Them

This November, J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World continues with the upcoming film from Warner Bros. Pictures, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Funko has Pops to match coming this Fall! Newt Scamander, wizarding world Magizoologist, is joined by Tina Goldstein, Queenie Goldstein, Jacob Kowalski, Seraphina Picquery, Percival Graves, and a Niffler, a beast with […]

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Pop Games gets Dishonored (2)

Funko continues to ramp up their Pop Games line with the announcement of five new Pops from Dishonored 2. In the game, Empress Emily Kaldwin, an outlaw after being dethroned by a usurper, seeks to reclaim her throne by becoming an assassin. Collect Emily, her father Corvo, and the Outsider! You can also find a […]

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New Target Exclusive Harry Potter Pop! Inbound

Thanks to Ikon (Australian distributor) we now know that a Tri-Wizard Harry Potter Pop! holding a golden egg is on its way to Target! No news on when you can expect to see it Stateside, but hopefully we can update you with more information soon. Check it out below! […]

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New Pop! Pets Line Coming Soon!

Funko have announced a new Pop! Pets line that releases in September! As part of the launch they have also donated $50,000 to the ASPCA which is a nice touch on their part. The line includes three cats and six breeds of dogs! Check them out below!   You can pre-order all of these adorable […]

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Zur-En-Arrh Batman Target Exclusive

Thanks to Instagram user, @dynoisthename, we now know of an upcoming exclusive – Zur-En-Arrh Batman! That’s right, Tlano himself will be available soon! It seems that the Target he visited put the Pop! out on display too early and couldn’t sell it as the release date was listed as June 6th.  Will you be keeping […]

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Suicide Squad Store Exclusives

There’s been a bunch of Suicide Squad news the last few days and here comes some more! Funko have announced their store exclusive Pops and Mystery Minis. You’ll be able to find The Joker (Suit) and Dr. Harleen Quinzel at Walmart. You’ve probably already seen the Hot Topic exclusive Harley Quinn (Gown) and The Joker (Tuxedo) Pops, […]

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Pop Peanuts Olaf Coming to Target

Giving us all hope that the Pop Peanuts series will expand beyond the main characters, Snoopy’s chubby brother Olaf has shown up on as an exclusive. These aren’t available yet, but keep checking back as they’re sure to come up soon. And hey…it’s nice to see an Olaf who isn’t yet another snowman! […]

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