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Walmart Exclusive Carnage Dorbz Coming Soon!

Walmart have added a placeholder listing for their upcoming exclusive Carnage Dorbz on their website today! No word on when it will become available to order online yet, but it could be any day now so keep checking back! I’m sure this means we’ll also see a Venom Dorbz show up somewhere soon, too! Which […]

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Pint Size Heroes are Coming!

Funko have announced a brand new line of blind bag collectibles in Pint Size Heroes! These 1.5 inch mystery figures will reportedly have a lower price tag than Mystery Minis and combine what Funko loves about Pops and Dorbz. The first three sets will be Batman, Spider-Man and Steven Universe. You’ll also be able to find store specific exclusives […]

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PPG review of Valkyrie Statues’ Spiderman

My Spider-sense is tingling for this one. Welcome back to another review of custom pop pieces by yours truly. Today, I’m going to look at one of my favorite Marvel character Spiderman. This custom Pop! statue is wonderfully made by Valkyrie Statues. I managed to chance upon this piece through a local selling app and […]

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