Pop Price Guide Migration: Updating the PPG Estimated Value Algorithm

PPG Migration

As a price guide, pricing is what we do. We always want to ensure that we are doing the best job possible with accurate, up-to-date information that you can’t find anywhere else. As a result, the Pop Price Guide database is already home to more than five million price points. Despite the growth, we were […]

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Pop Price Guide Migration: Categorize Your Collection


Your feedback is invaluable to us, especially as we migrate Pop Price Guide from its outdated technology into a more comprehensive collecting experience. We’ve heard your calls and are excited to introduce a new ability to categorize your collection. The best part is, how you sort your collection is completely up to you. Sort them […]

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Pop Price Guide Migration: Improved Showcase and Collection Pages

The Pop Price Guide migration moves forward as we now have time to add new features and tools to the PPG experience. Before the migration, all of our time was spent keeping the site’s out-dated technology on life support. We now have the tech to improve Pop Price Guide, beginning with our Showcase and Collection […]

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PPG Migration: Introducing Showcase and Collection Features

The Pop Price Guide migration continues this week as we work towards building the ultimate PPG. Once completed (probably next week), the migration allows us to finally create and implement a wide variety of new features and tools that were previously impossible due to some outdated technology. Read more about the importance of updating our old […]

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Pop Price Guide Migration: A Closer Look at the New PPG

The Pop Price Guide migration is underway and we understand if you have questions, concerns or need a few moments to process the changes. First off, we want to address the importance of why we had to do this migration –  Fueled by your support, we’ve built a community of collectors, fans and volunteers to […]

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It’s Here! The Super-Charged Pop Price Guide has Officially Arrived!

We’ve turned the keys to the ignition. The newly upgraded Pop Price Guide is ready to roll! The process of supercharging the engines that power PPG is complete. It’s time to start enjoying the new features. From our humble beginnings, we’ve added more than 10,000 items and 1.2 million prices in our quest to create […]

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