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Funko Joins Forces with Pop In A Box for Marvel Exclusives


Funko welcomes three new Pop! Marvel figures into its universe with a triumvirate of anti-heroes. Making their Pop! Vinyl debut are Mayhem (April Parker), Absolute Carnage and Infamous Iron Man (Glow in the Dark). Look for Absolute Carnage and Infamous Iron Man in September, followed by Mayhem (April Parker) in November. Pre-order yours below. Pre-order […]

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Pop! X-Men (20th): Two Decades in the Making

Funko celebrates 20 years of Marvel’s cinematic superheroes with the introduction of its Pop! X-Men (20th) collection. The new set features new takes on 10 classic X-Men characters, from Beast and Cyclops to Rogue and Storm — and all your favorites between. Wolverine earns two new Pop! Marvel figures, including a Logan version. Magneto also […]

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Funko Whittles Up Pop! Groot (Wood Deco)

If there ever was a Marvel character more deserving of Funko’s Wood Deco treatment, it’s Groot. Marvel’s knotty hero is the second in Funko’s exclusive Wood Deco collaboration with Entertainment Earth, following Captain America (Wood Deco) from 2019. Pop! Groot (Wood Deco) goes on sale in April. But you can pre-order your Entertainment Earth exclusive […]

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Funko Relaxes with Pop! Marvel End Game: Wave 3

Funko snaps its fingers and introduces us to its new Pop! Marvel – End Game: Wave 3 collection. The third installment from the blockbuster hit arrives via the Bifrost Bridge with seven new vinyl figures, starting with Captain America (with Electrified Mjolnir and Broken Shield) and the Iron Spider (with Nano Gauntlet). Meanwhile, Hulk (with Tacos), Korg (Gamer), and Bro […]

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Funko Gets Retro With Pop! Marvel 80th Collection

Funko plays the role of Professor X with its latest Pop! Marvel 80th Collection, assembling a formidable team of original X-Men vinyl figures. Marvel Girl joins forces once again with Angel, Beast and Cyclops for a collection of first appearances Pop! figures. For Marvel Girl, aka Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix, this is the ninth […]

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Stan Lee Dies at 95, Lives Forever in Vinyl and Plastic

When Stan Lee passed away this week at the age of 95, he left behind a towering legacy. As one of the earliest driving forces at Marvel Comics, he was responsible for countless classic comic books, and their related movies, TV shows, and merchandising. All to the tune of billions of dollars in revenue. Like […]

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