Most-Valuable Funko Pop! Superhero Figures on Pop Price Guide

Marvel Comics

Up, up and away! We’re celebrating National Superhero Day with a look at the most-valuable Funko Pop! heroes, crusaders and warriors found on Pop Price Guide. Picking one ultimate superhero proved rather difficult. So we’re examining 15 of our favorites and their most-valuable Pop! Click each superheroes’ name for their current most-valuable Funko Pop! figure. […]

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Imposter Alert! Pop! Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man

Which is the real Spider-Man? Now you can decide, courtesy of Funko’s new Pop! Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man (2-Pack). Funko takes a page from the original Spidey cartoons, as well as from popular meme lore, to introduce the Pop! Marvel Imposter Spider-Man vinyl figures. The 2-pack arrives in June and is exclusive to Entertainment Earth. Pre-order […]

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