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Photo Mini-Review – Entertainment Earth Exclusive Justice League Silhouette Pops

Back in October, when Entertainment Earth announced their exclusive Justice League silhouette Pops, the series was met with mixed feelings. The silhouette images of the Justice League have always been iconic, but would they translate well in 3-D form? I admit, I was on the fence about them and figured I’d either love them or […]

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Justice League Galore!

Funko showcased the rest of their Justice League tie-in merch today! They recently announced a wave of Pops from the movie but no set is complete without a few exclusives! After seeing this announcement and the Aquaman Pop! from SDCC this year, it’s very possible Oprah Winfrey was present when pitching ideas for exclusives for this set. […]

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New York Toy Fair Funko Reveals!

Funko’s New York Toy reveals started today with a bang. First up was glams from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. We will get of course Wonder Woman in Pop! form, but there will also be a Rock Candy Wonder Woman in a new outfit and a Pop! Keychain Wonder Woman. To accompany Wonder Woman, we […]

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