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Pop! Horror To Give Us All A Scare This Summer

Unbridled, primal fear isn’t something that’s reserved solely for foggy nights in late October. Funko is bringing the fright this summer with a terrifying new collection of Dorbz, Pop! Key Chains and Pop! Horror figures. Pop! Horror We all know what happens when you say aloud Beetlejuice’s name three times. But what happens when you […]

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You’ll Float Too, Georgie

Georgie:  It’s my chase! Pennywise:  EEX-ACTLY! Go on, kiddo… Take me! [Georgie stares, unsure about reaching into the vault for his canceled chase Pennywise].  Aww… you want me, don’t you, Georgie? Of course you do… and there’s, reaction figures, plushies, and all sorts of canceled Pops! down here… and sepia chases too!  All colors.” Georgie: […]

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