Cataloging Autographed Funko Items on Pop Price Guide


You met your favorite actor, who was generous enough to autograph your favorite Pop! figure. Now it proudly sits on your shelf next to even more Funko items signed by other celebrities. When it comes to displaying autographed items on Pop Price Guide, however, the answer isn’t quite as simple. Cataloging autographed items has always […]

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Kool Toys & Games Autographed Donald Dumpty Garbage Pail Kids Preorder

Kool Toys & Games has just announced their latest autographed figure! This newly revealed autographed edition is the Donald Dumpty Garbage Pail Kids vinyl figure signed by artist Joe Simko. There are two different versions available, and both are extremely limited. The limited edition of 75 is signed by Joe Simko, and the limited edition […]

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