Spend a few more nights at Freddy’s!

Funko don’t seem to be slowing down with¬†Five Nights at Freddy’s¬†merchandise as they announce a wave of exclusive collectibles from the hit video game. New Pops include Jack-O-Bonnie (Barnes & Noble), a flocked Funtime Foxy (Best Buy), Dark Springtrap (Target) and Bon Bon (GameStop). Walgreens will also be carrying two exclusive¬†Sister Location¬†action figures – a […]

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Nana nana nana BATMAN!!!

Watch out Batman the bad guys are coming. The cast of the 1966 TV show continues to go with Riddler, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and King Tut join the POP! Heroes line. But not all hope is lost, Batgirl will also be coming this summer. Batman and Robin were not left out of this announcement either. […]

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New York Toy Fair Funko Reveals!

Funko’s New York Toy reveals started today with a bang. First up was glams from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. We will get of course Wonder Woman in Pop! form, but there will also be a Rock Candy Wonder Woman in a new outfit and a Pop! Keychain Wonder Woman. To accompany Wonder Woman, we […]

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