Protect Your Pop!

You’ve landed your grail. Now it’s time to protect it. Introducing several display case options designed to protect and show off your collection.

PopShield by 7 Bucks a Pop

Your Pops are valuable so we encourage you to make a small investment in protecting them for drops, tumbles, nicks, bumps and bruises! PPG is thrilled to endorse PopShield Pop protectors because they were designed to give you the best long-term protection for your Pops at the lowest price possible which includes free shipping in the U.S. Features include:

  • Extra thick .45 mm acid-free PET plastic.
  • Easy-peel protective film that keeps the PopShield from getting scratched before it gets to you.
  • Push-lock tab that adds structural integrity to the box when formed, and keeps the Pop inside no matter what happens.
  • PopShield logo is stamped on the top flap for brand recognition. Accept no imitations.
  • PopShields for many different sizes, with new sizes being constantly added!

And for those grails that you want to take extra special care of, you’re going to want PopShield Armor hard protectors! These are simply the best Funko Pop protectors on the market today. Features include:

  • – Magnetic locking lid for easy opening and closing.
  • – Made with extra-thick crystal clear acrylic.
  • – Stacks perfectly for display and storage purposes.
  • – 4-inch Pops fit snugly with no room to move around.
All PopShield protectors can be purchased directly from

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is home to several options of varying sizes when it comes to protecting your Pop! vinyl figures.

Premium Interlocking Vinyl Figure Hard Protector Box

Built to fit standard Pop! figures, this display case is ideal for showcasing your favorites in their original boxes.

Per Entertainment Earth:

  • Premium ultra-clear plastic for figurine visibility
  • Stackable to maximize surface space
  • Acid-Free to ensure long-term archival storage
  • Removable lids on the top and bottom
  • Fits most standard-sized popular vinyl collectibles

3 3/4-Inch Vinyl Collectible Collapsible Protector Box 20-Pack

Have a bunch of Pop! figures that you need to protect? These Entertainment Earth display cases are collapsible and an easy way to show off your collection.

Per Entertainment Earth:

  • Crystal-clear plastic for figurine visibility.
  • Heavy-duty (0.45 mm thick) archival-grade boxes.
  • Stackable to maximize surface space.
  • Acid free to ensure long-term archival storage.
  • Fits most standard-sized pop-ular vinyl collectibles.

Funko Pop! Stacks Vinyl Interlocking Premium Plastic Protector

Have a set of Pop! figures you’d like to keep together? These clear plastic protectors stand 7 inches tall by 4 inches wide and deep. The best part? They interlock to maximize how you display your collection.