PPG Squad Volunteer Info

Pop! Pokemon

What does a PPG Squad volunteer do?

The Squad members help with everything needed to keep Pop! Price Guide running. Some are admins in the Facebook group, some are listing volunteers combing through the eBay sales to assign them to the right item in the catalog, while some help find and fix errors. Generally, all Squad members have been collecting Pop!s and Funko items for a while and like to help apply that knowledge.

The Tools

Most Squad members start with assigning Ebay sales to the correct item in the database by using our ‘Completed Sales Listing’ Tool. Here’s a little peek:

Completed Sales Listings


Many Squad members prefer to list certain types of items in their expertise area and that’s what the filters are for. Once items are selected, the volunteer then assigns those listings in the assigning tool.

This tool has many functions so before being released into the wild, one of our Squad Data Jedis will facilitate a short training video call orientation.

Want to help out?

If you haven’t already made contact about volunteering, please email us about getting started!