Posting a News Entry

Here’s a quick how-to on posting a news entry to the front page. For starters, you should have the Admin bar at the top of the page. You can click the site name to go to the main dashboard, or just hover over the + symbol to add a new post.


The posting page is relatively simple. The title bar will be the post’s title. I try to keep them relatively cut and dry (“Hot Topic Exclusive Blue Suit Arkham Asylum Variant” for instance). Usage of the words “Funko” or “Pop” will help search engines find them (admittedly, I need to be better at that!). The large box on the page is the body of the post. You can do this in one of two ways, which you’ll see in the upper right of the box. “Visual” allows you to see how the post will look when live, including images and formatting. “Text” allows for HTML code. Either one is fine – whatever you feel more comfortable with. A couple of notes about the editors:

– Visual might show different font faces, but when the post is made the font face will be the theme default.
– All images should be centered.

I keep the text relatively simple and try to keep the post formats consistent. The body of the post is usually pretty generic, but when possible it’s good to throw in some editorial opinions and whatnot. I do like to keep things positive, so even if you hate what you’re posting about, just keep it neutral! 🙂

You can add images by going to the Add Media button above the post area box.


When first working with the post, you’ll need to use the “Upload Files” option to add images to the site. You can select one or more images to upload to this post. Once image(s) are uploaded, they should be automatically selected (evident by the blue border and checkmark in the upper right corner). To insert the image(s) into the post, make sure “Insert Media” is selected from the left side menu. Check the lower right of the page to ensure that Alignment is set to “Center”, Link To is set to “Media File”, and Size is set to “Medium” (should be 450 pixels wide). Once you’ve verified that, hit “Insert Into Post” in the lower right of the page. This will take you back to the post screen, but there’s one more thing that needs to be done to images.

Go back into the Add Media button, then select “Set Featured Image” in the left sidebar. Once you’ve done so, select one image that you want to use as the thumbnail on the front page. Often there’s only one image involved, but sometimes when many are announced at one time I will simply select the one that I think is most popular (such as Simba for The Lion King, Baymax for Big Hero 6, etc). There’s no hard and fast rule – it’s more important to simply have an image set as the featured image. Once you have selected one, hit the “Set Featured Image” button on the lower right of the screen, and that will take you back to the posting page. You’ll see the image you selected in the right column at the bottom.


You can and should add tags to the post in the Tag section on the right. This will help link viewers to related articles. We should use tags for the line/series and franchise, but generally not much more than that. So if you’re posting about new Masters of the Universe Dorbz, your tags would be “Dorbz” and “Masters of the Universe”. Any Pop tag should have the exclamation point after Pop (ie, “Pop! Television”).

Now there’s only one more easy thing to do, and that’s to select a category. Typically, most postings will fall under Announcements or Exclusives. Basically, if it’s an official Funko announcement for an exclusive, I put it under Exclusives. Otherwise I use announcements.

Submitting the post will send it to Facebook and Twitter as well. If you want to use Twitter tags or hashtags, you can do so in that box rather than the standard text. This helps spread the word to a more select audience.

Once you’ve done all of the above, I find it to be a good idea to hit the Preview button in the upper right of the page to see what it will look like once live. Once you’re happy with it, hit the Publish button and it’s good to go!