Migration Problems

We migrated about 300,000 accounts and 40 million items and mostly that went fine.  But as expected some things went wrong, it looks like 1-2% of you have one problem or another.  We are straining under the number of questions so would ask you to be patient with us.



Here are the 6 kinds of problems people seem to experience  –

1. Not being able to log in

This might be because you

  • don’t remember your PPG Username,
  • already had an account on hobbyDB but used a different email on the PPG account,
  • had a username with only numbers or less than 5 characters,
  • somebody else already had an hobbyDB account with your username,
  • have no more access to the email used, or
  • had a mistake in your PPG email address (we just found 130 ending in “gamil.com” versus gmail.com and hundreds more ending in “.con” versus “com” and will work on changing that int he back-end
  • in some instances some technical reasons.

This can all be easily fixed.  Please send us a ticket (use the green button on the side here) and email us your PPG account and your PPG email but also your name, other usernames you might have used, other email addresses you have used in the past (the more the better as a lot of folks forgot what they used when signing up) and some information on your collection (how many items in the Collection or Wishlist, estimates are fine).

2. Notes Missing

We added these back as a block of text (we could not add them in the respective fields as they were all freeform on the old site, for example, dates were added as 1 Nov, 11/01, 11:01:19, November or even as “Thanksgiving”.  You will find your notes on your item page (and we will add some of these fields to the Collection management page).  Here is an illustration where they are  –

3. Items Missing

Please create a ticket (the green button on the right-hand side here on the page) and tell us as much information as you can.  We have reuploaded a number of collections from the backups.

4. Duplicates in your Collection

Please create a ticket (the green button on the right-hand side here on the page).  We have written a routine for this can delete the duplicates in the database easily now.

5. Privacy Settings

You now have the ability to use the batch action button to make up to 30 items private at a time.

6. Items that you deleted on the old PPG in your Collection

We are very sorry but cannot help with this.  We started migrating more than 3 months ago and synced for new items you added but not for items you deleted.  We did not know the migration would take that long and apologize for this. We added Batch delete in the Collection management screen to make it easier to delete these.