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    I have not seen much discussion about Trap Jaw, the most recently announced Specialty Series Pop. Is anyone planning on ordering this pop? I was thinking, that Funko had a big let down when it did not officially announce Ice Man as the next in the Specialty Series. This may end up being the least ordered Specialty Series Pop by the stores authorized to buy it. I went ahead and got my 6 ordered that I am allotted.



    I pre-ordered mine as soon as it was available from Toy-Wiz, glad I did too, price has increased since I ordered mine.



    When I think Specialty Series, I think Pops which you want them to make but they haven’t yet. I got into Pop collecting over a year ago and I missed the He-Man Pops when they were first released. I plan on collecting the original series but it will take some time and money. With this Pop it will start my collection of one of my favorite childhood cartoons, that I have even started watching on Netflix again for fun.

    I think you will get a lot of people wanting this Pop.. Pops are collected by more adults than kids.



    Def pre-ordered mine. Couldn’t miss out on this.



    I called my LCS the day it was announced to make sure I’d get one. I also missed out on the first few. But I’m planning on getting them and the ThunderCats I missed out on.



    I’d get it for a good price but no rush. I can probably get it and most other specialty series for $10 at my local.



    I will be getting this one. I was wondering if they would release more of the main characters from the show. Having Spikor and Hordak was kinda lame so seeing Trap-jaw was nice.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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