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    Pop collector

    I was hoping somebody could/would share some light on the comment one of the moderators made regarding the forums not being around much longer?

    Does that comment mean exactly what it sounds like; forums as a whole are going away? I think its unfair for a comment like that to be leaked out and nothing was mentioned about it in the email you sent everyone.

    Forums, while they have been trolled lately is my favorite thing about this site. I hope the forums can be redesigned somehow to prevent the trolling vs the forums vanishing for good (as was implied by one of the mods)



    I also noticed this, and was hoping it wasn’t true, I have only been collecting for a short time, and stumbled on this site and love it, as for the trolling, I just think people need to realise that not everyone has been collecting for as long as other people, and are still learning, and they use these forums to ask questions about things they are unsure of or need answers to, maybe it be a repeated thread or even a “stupid question” in some people’s views, I just think people need to realise that everyone here is different but are here because of there passion for pops, and not to belittle or make them feel like they are asking stupid questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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