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    HAHA well unfortunately your VERY late to the party at our collection prime we had nearly 600 between my partner and myself, unfortunately due to funko flooding the market and ruining the collection value of pops my partner started to sell his collection we had quite a few nice gems in there (ace ventura, king leonidas, wampa and luke, bounty hunter leia unmasked etc.) i still collect them due to them finally releasing potter pops but i only really collect those and star wars ones, yes there is still a small window for pops to increase but it is surely coming to the point were the fad is going to wear off because of funko flooding the market and because real collectors are slowing down on them because the mass majority of people just see them as a nice little work desk ornament. my final point would be if you like them buy them but just be prepared to not necessarily make money on them in the near future.
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    To be honest I think these things are losing there appeal now, just take a look at eBay a few months ago the “rare” pops were fetching almost double they are now. I just feel like the flippers are starting to ruin the fun for everyone who actually wants them and now unless you are really desperate to own a certain pop you are not willing to pay the stupid prices these flippers ask for. Also it is a bit of a kick in the teeth when you hear a store has some exclusives in only to be told when you get there that some guy has just brought them all or they are being held behind the counter for the staff. Me personally have got really bored of hitting the shops to rarely find the pop I was looking for



    Tank market tank.

    There’s a bunch of pops I’m looking forward to buying for next to nothing when the thing crumbles down. Nothing would make me happier than every single pop being valued at $0.01 πŸ™‚

    It is happening though. I keep an eye on Unmasked Jason Voorhees and it appears the ebay sellers are starting to under cut each other and drive the prices slowly down. Then once the values tank there will be collectors who want out because if there is not value they’re not interested so even more good stuff will hit the market at rock bottom prices.


    Wolfman Walt

    Funko Pops will always have value.It just depends on the Love fans have for a certain character. My first two pops were SAM ( TRICK R TREAT ) and REGAN ( THE EXORCIST ).I bought them cause I love the films,plain and simple.



    The market will crash. Funko are over producing, expecially with Chases as they are now so common. Wait a few months and see how the prices of these new Chases drop. Then there’s all the new molds of vaulted characters like the upcoming Ursula and Cruella.

    Doesn’t bother me in the slightest if prices drop, some collectors tend to use PPG as some sort of competition to rate their collection and value against others. Hell, if you own over 1500 pops and it’s worth over 20K, I’d be selling that ASAP because I’d rather have that cash.



    The Pop bubble, like all pop culture fads, will eventually…pop, that’s a given — only true art (and real estate) always increase in value over time.

    When it pops is something no one will know for sure until it happens. Factors indicating an earlier demise are the wide array of Funko products which dilute the market focus and the ever increasing number of versions being released. From a company profit standpoint, it would make sense to start flooding the market now with pops that speculators will buy up and try to ride that train until everyone catches on. Hopefully the company is taking a more long term view. I would be interested to see a study on what percent of Pops are bought as play toys vs. collectors vs. speculators. As the percent of the third grows, the end gets closer.

    The fad is going to be really interesting to watch though as it holds a rather unique spot in this field — it is the only fad tied (nearly entirely) to multiple other pop culture phenomenons. Except for a Freddie Funko, every Pop Vinyl derives its value from being a desirable interpretation of another creative property, some current hot trends and some long-lived tried-and-true creations. I cannot think of anything else that is like it — such a specific product, controlled by one company, but using the themes of so many others.

    Will this keep the bottom from falling out of the market like Ty Beanie Babies or just prolong the inevitable? We’ll see in time. πŸ™‚



    Couldn’t it be entirely possible that the bubble bursts, speculators and collectors only tied to value jump ship, production could lower from there, true collectors keep collecting and then a few years to a lot of years later it could catch on once again since it is tied to pop culture properties, that making some of these that end up close to worthless at the end worth a lot more years later. That’s a really long and poorly constructed sentence and train of thought, but just a thought. I’m not tied to collecting because of the value, although I like that they are worth something. I collectvwhat I love though, mainly marvel D.C. And Star Wars so I have no interest in selling my collection because I get joy from it, that being said I wouldn’t cry if the pop market crashed as long as Funko still made pops. That might make them cheaper until the day they might be popular again. I’d love for that to happen though, if that happened years from now the only people collecting them because they love them would be rewarded… I just woke up from a nap so this is my groggy brain, end of thoughts.



    Only if/when Funko and its’ steadily innovative production machine collapses will the value of these things drop like a rock or be erased. With creative, perpetually relevant and current products, the Comic Cons and other Conventions packed to the hilt (heck, I even saw Pops! at a sport memorabilia collector’s show), Fundays, various forums like this, and talk about Funko potentially going public–I think you’re gonna be waitin’ a while for many of these babies and the Funko collectibles market to crash. Many have predicted this was supposed to happen half-a-decade ago. It hasn’t. The Beanie Babies comparison I consider to be naivetΓ© and a perpetual joke; the two collectibles are nothing alike. Seems like the folks at Funko keep coming up with ways not to go so quickly down that same trail. Instead of less enthusiasm, today we have even more. When they start producing signatures that look exactly like Brian’s–ones that even the experts can’t tell the difference between fake vs. authentic (will never happen), then that’s when we can expect the value of every single Pop! and Funko collectible to go down the drain. Until then, best to keep collecting what you love…and maybe some of those will increase in value over time compared to what you originally paid for them. πŸ™‚



    Obviously some of these pops will always keep there value, like star wars, DC, marvel, the ones that have a big collectors Base, but ones such as game of thrones, walking dead, as soon as them shows end and the hype around them dies off then the price of the pops will certainly die down as well, it’s the same with everything, certain franchises will always hold there value, but the bubble will definitely burst on quite a lot of these pops collections.



    I myself don’t understand the comparison between Pop’s and Beanie baby’s. There are some similarities I agree in terms of popularity but I think Funko is becoming a very competitive company in the toy industry, with no signs of slowing down. Sure, the hype on Pop’s will die down and prices for many will cool down, but I think some will hold if not increase over time. You cannot predict which ones, but a lot of these properties will be relevant for years to come. If you have a moment, go on you tube and search Beardy Nerd collecting 101-Pop’s vs Beanie babies. He is a collector and very well versed in this area. His insight on this debate imo is spot on.



    Tried posting a follow-up comment to Bingo20; somehow it didn’t post. But Bingo20 and Brando36, I think you are both yourselves spot on.

    Everything has it’s heyday; that’s why you collect for (at least in major part) the enjoyment of the hobby. Many have sold cherished Pops! and now wish they hadn’t. This is a nice debate–everyone–but for me, it’s been a GREAT! choice so far to maintain and add to my family’s collection. My children and I love Pop! collecting; in fact, it was them that got me started. The value of most of our collection has either held or significantly gone up. One great example for me is the holographic Darth Maul–which I went after fairly early on. I thought distinctly at the time–“This is going to become a sought after grail! Who couldn’t see this!”. It didn’t hurt at all that like for so many others he is a favorite Star Wars character for me. His popularity is legendary; a good portion of the fan base for this character is almost cultish. I believe most any Darth Maul enthusiast would love to own this particular Pop!–so his value in my view will always remain pretty high. It’s not that there are so absolutely few of them (compared to some others); but those that have him will be reluctant to part with him easily. Of course, other Funko products are like this too; but as Bingo20 and others have already pointed out, the factors that cause a line to appreciate or not will be variable, sometimes unpredictable (like the Black-eyed vs. Blue-eyed Fantastic Four Ben Grimm Thing).

    I imagine that if most collect what they love, they will come to have a few grails, and a lot of pieces that are simply fun or hold nostalgic interest. In this latter case, I’m not even sure some of the specialty show products won’t hold their value well either. Time will tell. I don’t have any Game of Thrones Pops! cause even though I understand it’s a good show, I have never actually watched it. Maybe there are a lot of people out there like me who don’t know much a about a particular line, but as we collect and become curious, maybe we’ll be stimulated to purchase some from those lines too, which would help support those prices for even longer.

    At any rate, Pop! collecting has been a blast for me and my family, and we’ve come into contact with some nice people and made friends along the way. Don’t see how one can go wrong with that. So far, collecting has not been a mistake for us. As usual, just sharing an opinion, for which others may and are welcome to disagree. Still, happy collecting to all those true collectors out there πŸ™‚



    Well said donofoblivion!! I also am enjoying this community and collecting and don’t see me stopping anytime soon. To your point with recent shows, I agree even shows like GOT or Walking Dead could hold value and be relevant down the road. They may settle a bit now. But Those shows have made huge impacts and those fans who are younger now, in the future will look back as we do and want to obtain certain properties for nostalgic reasons. Ultimately, what it comes down to is enjoy this hobby and let everything else fall as it may.

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    Production runs are un known and chases are false advertising. You know you have a chase as soon as you open the box. Or every 6 boxes has a chase ect.

    If you look at what people say they own on thia aite, the quantity is pretty high. What is the percentage of what people say they have is reality? We will never know.

    Mayne the first 2 years of pops will hold value. But majority are mass produced. Even the exclusives. You habe after retail companies or comic shops selling exclusives online too.

    I am not a fulltime pop collector. Been collectimg them for lite over 2 months.

    But been doimg lot of research and now hunting. Only collectimg Five Nights at Freddys for my 7yr old. Bit once we get the last 2 we need, then we will start collecting some other type of pop.

    I tjink another 5-10 years, pops will go the way of the beanie babies, pogs, and pokemon cards.. yes. Some pokemon cards have held value, but you can still fins them for cheap

    Seeing so many pops in placea like hot topic, fye, and comic shops, make me feel like 90’s sportscards. They are everywhere.

    Many people are into pops for the quick flip to make some extra money while they can.

    Sooner or later you will run out of room in your bwdroom or house to show them all off.

    And why pay $14.99 each at one store and then find it for $8.89 at walmart

    That is a huge price difference when yoh are selling/buying large quantities.

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