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    Lord sidious

    As good as they make this out to be, I expect nothing less than a Yondu pop!. What do you want in the box?



    A pop rides of starlord with the Milano would be pretty awesome.



    I also want Yondu with the bigger Mohawk and his arrow.

    Im thinking it might be the all gold villain lady.

    It’d be awesome if we got both but I doubt that will happen since we just got 2 pops in the showdown box.



    My excitement is very high for this movie, so I will probably re-subscribe for this box. A Milano Pop Ride or Dorbz Ride would be awesome, but I’m not sure it would work based on how wide a box they would likely need for either. A Pop of Yondu or Ayesha (or both) are likely the strongest possibilities. I would be fine with either one. What I don’t want is an action pose of a character who already has a Pop in the line. Always the most boring option, IMO. Since there are so few Dorbz for this movie, I would be fine getting one in this box. Plus it’s been too long since they last put one in a box. A t-shirt with the main characters in Pop form on it is an absolute must.



    Adam warlock



    I’m thinking there will at least be some Pint Sized Heroes GOTG, because they are coming out with a wave of them. I definitely would like to see a Yondu pop. What do think the odds would be of a Nova or Adam Warlock Pop?



    – Team or “most wanted” T-shirt
    – variant cover comic
    – Ravagers/Gaurdians patch
    – Mantis pin
    – Cosmo dorbz
    – yondu pop



    Please no goddam mugs, pint sized heroes or mystery minis!



    [quote quote=59940]– Cosmo dorbz

    [/quote] Already a thing:
    cosmo dorbz



    Bloody variant…

    But you are right.
    Probably a”baby groot” dorbz instead.

    Just please no pints of minis, those things are cheap, ugly and stupid.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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