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    With 10″ Groot posts everywhere I’m just trying switch it up a little. Not sure if there is a topic already on this but I wanted to see pics of everyone’s favorite 3, not most valuable money wise , but your favorite whether it be for nostalgia reasons, sentimental or just plain cosmetic. My 3 are just my favorite versions of my 3 favorite characters.

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    those are 3 really nice ones…. out of those 3 I tried picking 2 up (Weapon X and Captain America) but was never able to get a hold of them in store.

    now are we just going on the pop itself or say I have a signed pop that would put it in my top 3 when it wouldn’t have been if it were not signed would that count? because if signed ones count 2 of my top 3 are signed if they don’t well they wouldn’t be in the top 3


    Yeah man everything counts, I just like to see the variety and also get to see a pop I may never see or have seen. Plus I’m bored and 80% of posts lately are depressing.


    weird my first message didn’t show up for me but now it is… so I had to edit this


    Yukon Cornelius Cold Miser (changed my mind)
    Gandalf with Hat
    Wicked Witch


    He-man (lots of childhood memories), Jack Burton(one of my favourite movies and movie character of all time), it’s close between my next one either Clark Kent (huge superman fan) or sheriff Ralphie from a Christmas story (been a tradition to watch that film every year at Xmas, and now my young daughter watched it all over last Xmas and loved it, so now has more memories)


    I currently have in my possession only 33 Pops (A few Pre Ordered but I won’t count those). Most of my Pops are on the newer side, I have a small handful of ones that are a little older I got over the years one way or the other as I am mainly a Mystery Minis collector. But my Top 3 favorite Funko Pops (As far as Pops I own go) Are as follows:
    #3: Naruto (Six Path); This one is awesome! He is a Hot Topic exclusive, but he glows in the dark and I love the Rasengan that he is holding in his hand! Just an awesome looking Pop!
    #4: Lion (Flocked); This is Lion from Steven Universe and its the Flocked Hot Topic exclusive. He just looks really great as a Flocked Pop! I know there are other Flocked Pops out there, but he is by far my favorite! He just came out but hes already one of my favorites!
    #1: Demogorgon; This one is from Stranger Things. I like this one because it looks like no other Pop I’ve seen and it just looks so cool! I love the way it looks even though he really it not worth much. Been my favorite since I picked him up!

    A few runner-ups: Peridot and Lapis (All from Steven Universe), Devil Jin (Just picked him up yesterday, hes great!), and Sara Ryder (Masked) (I love the way this one looks!)


    I went with two of my favorite comic book characters and one special little dog.

    Honorable mentions go to…
    Classic Superman
    Flocked Ghost
    Flocked Cookie Monster


    At the moment my fave 3 are Twisty bcuz he is cute & Freak Show is the best American Horror Story

    Lion-O cuz fuck it’s Lion-O 😂

    & William Wallace cuz he’s the main man


    Shout out to freak show!! Picking a top 3 would be way too hard for me lol




    I agree. There are too many groot threads.


    [quote quote=63969]I agree. There are too many groot threads.

    Its not even that bad here but it’s nonstop in many funko groups, even stumbled upon this picture lol


    Metalic Goblin
    Clear (bloody) Predator
    GITD Ghost Rider


    Nice conkerr, Ghost Rider is on my wishlist, a definite grail piece.

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