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    Spoilers are out for the February Collectors Corps Box.

    What do you guys think about it?

    I love it, probably one of my favorite marvel boxes. The only thing I would change is the t-shirt to one with non-pop art, not a fan of those.



    Really not a fan of the pop art shirts? They are my favorite I hope they do one for the next box especially. As far is this box I’m stoked except for the pint size things but the two pack makes up for it.


    The nerd show

    Damn, I want that box so bad. I wish I had gotten it



    Pretty happy with it. Don’t rlly care for the pint size heroes, wld prefer mystery minis or something along those lines. They were talking up the gotg2 box at the end of their unboxing video, hopefully it will be as good as they say it is..



    Awesome can’t wait til mine comes!!



    I think this box is solid overall. The theme was uninteresting to me, so I didn’t order it. The 2-pack is what I was expecting, and while it was done well, it’s not something I wanted, so I am glad that I didn’t order it. The only thing I got wrong about the 2-pack is that I assumed Daredevil would have his red outfit instead of the black one. I like that they changed it up. The t-shirt is one of the best they’ve ever done, and the comic may just have the best cover they have ever had in any box ever.



    The pops look really fantastic, I love the black outfit on daredevil w the red eyes, he looks really slick. Not usually a big fan of the jumping pose but I have the red suit DD and the first Netflix DD, this is so different I don’t mind it being another. Bullseye looks cool too and with the playing card my imagination runs to what a gambit would look like holding cards.



    I’m really happy with this box. I also have the Daredevil POP from the Netflix series and the red suit, so I’m really digging the black suit. I really like the pint size heroes, apparently I’m in the minority. Really anxious to see what’s in the GOTG box. I’m debating on getting the Smugglers Bounty box or The Stan Lee box. Anybody have an opinion on which they’d go with?



    So much better than the X-Men box!

    Very satisfied with this purchase.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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