A few things we’d like to get out there before starting…

– This Price Guide is just that – a guide. We estimate valuations of items based on current sales activity, but we can’t guarantee that you’re going to be able to buy an item for what we have as the estimated value, nor can we guarantee that if you sell a similar item you’ll get what we estimate. Our Price Guide is to be used with the understanding that it is only meant to give current market status, not a guarantee of value.

– Yes, we do have a killer marketplace where members can buy and sell items!

We provide Funko with estimated values for their app, but are otherwise not officially associated with Funko LLC. All other content is the product and responsibility of the site owners and member. We’re just big fans of Funko Pop! Figures and want to share that with other like-minded individuals!

– Most images are official promotional images. In cases where these are not available, we may use an image provided by a third party. We endeavor to ensure that these are copyrighted to the person who is providing them but if you see any images that belong to you on this site that you’d either like removed or credited, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

All prices in U.S. dollars. How do you factor in foreign currencies?

The USD equivalent of a non-U.S. sale is converted using the exchange rate at the time of the upload into the PPG system. Therefore, as rates change over time (which can happen daily), the final sale price will remain the same in USD our system.

Are there any plans to make a PPG app?

We are always working on new and exciting ways to improve our service for our users, and an application is certainly on our radar. Stay tuned for updates in the future!

Can I contribute information and/or images to PPG?

Absolutely! We do our best to include everything we can from the Funko library, but with some of the obscure items and lines from the days of Funko old, there are no doubt items we’ve missed. We’re happy to take any new information, additional information, or images via our Contact page.

When it comes to newly-announced items, please give us a few days before getting on us about them not being in the Guide. Funko releases a lot of new items on a regular basis, and while we might not get to them on day one, we’ll generally have them in the Guide within a few days.

How can you be assured that you’ve captured all sales from your sources?

The simple answer? We can’t. We have detailed searches that cover as much ground as we can, but sometimes sellers just don’t give enough keywords in their titles. If a seller lists a Pop! Batman as simply “Batman figure” (yes, this kind of thing does happen!), it’s going to fall outside of our searches because it is far too vague. These can always be manually added if brought to our attention.

How do I share my ‘Want’, ‘For Sale’ or ‘Collection’ lists?

When you view your collection, want list or for sale list, sharing the URL of that page will just result in whoever clicks the link viewing their own. If you are looking to share the above lists with other people you can use your user specific ‘Share’ link which is located on the left side of the page. (Or under the summary box on mobile devices.)


How is the Estimated Value calculated?

The Estimated Value is based on a calculation involving the median calculations for 30, 60, and 90 days worth of listings for that item. Greater weight is placed on the more recent listings, lesser weight on the 90-day median. The exception to this is if the item has fewer than five sales points over the last 60 days. At that time, we use a different calculation, looking at the last five listings overall, and placing greater weight on the more recent sales.

Something to keep in mind, the more sales there are to compare, the more accurate the Estimated Value. Items with few sales points are more liable to go for more or less in future sales, simply because there are fewer data points to create an estimated value around. This is not a problem exclusive to PPG or even price guides in general. We always recommend that, when selling or buying an item, you also look at the detailed history provided on the item page to identify any trends that may affect the outcome of your transaction.

Also notable, our values are not based on averages,  all listings we’ve ever tracked, or the most recent sale alone.

How long after a sale has ended will a listing appear in the Guide’s calculations?

We pull our data on a daily basis, but due to the massive quantities of listings we have to assign and the limited number of hours in a day, we don’t always get to everything immediately. Our goal is to have no listings with more than a three-day backlog, but sometimes that doesn’t even happen. A general rule of thumb – if you see a listing that’s not reflected in our guide yet, please wait until the listing is at least a week old before inquiring why.

How often do you update the guide?

We try to keep the guide as updated as possible to get the previous day’s sales assigned to the respective items by the end of the day. This isn’t always a reality, however, as life sometimes gets in the way and the updates might have to wait a day. The short of it is, we do everything in our power to make the site as updated as possible.

Is Pop Price Guide run by Funko?

We provide Funko with estimated values for their app, but are otherwise not officially associated with Funko LLC. We spread the news about their products and give their collectors a resource to help them along the way.

What are the criteria used when determining what items to add to the price guide?

The aim is to include new or like-new items only. Our basic requirements are that the item includes its original packaging and is in excellent shape with no broken or missing parts/accessories. We will not include items that have been restored, repainted, customized, autographed, or come with additional incentives (“buy X and I’ll give you Y for free”). We will also not include items that come in lots, as there’s no accurate way to allocate the final cost per item. We do occasionally withhold items from posting when We feel something has affected the final price. This could be an outrageous shipping cost, vague description/lack of details, or any signs of fraud. We use our own discretion to determine these items. Preorder sales are also not included – an item must be in hand/in stock for it to be included.

What should I do if I see a listing assigned to the wrong item?

The PPG staff handles anywhere from 1,500-2,000 individual sales listings on a daily basis, and as accurate as we try to be, it’s inevitable that a couple of sales are going to fall through the cracks and get assigned to the wrong item. While the odds of this significantly skewing the Estimated Value are relatively low, they decrease when the item has fewer data points to evaluate. In the event that you see an incorrectly assigned listing in the sales detail, please click the Report button. You will prompted to add a comment, and we will investigate the listing and ensure it ends up in the correct place. The Report button can also be used to report listings that we would generally not qualify as eligible (damaged, autographed, loose, etc), or if foul play is suspected in the auction listing.


Where do you get your sales data to determine the Estimated Value?

As of right now, all sales history is pulled from eBay. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which being the fact that eBay is available to people worldwide, and is the largest worldwide online marketplace. In addition, eBay has regulations in place to ensure that transactions made through them are completed to buyer and seller satisfaction. This gives us the confidence to use their data as the sole provider of sales history.

It has been discussed many times whether or not PPG should include sales data from other sources (Facebook groups, private sales, retail sales, etc), and how we would go about doing so. With retail sales, it’s easy – we’re not out to gauge the retail market, we’re out to gauge the aftermarket. When it comes to private sales and Facebook groups, it would be extremely difficult to verify the legitimacy of sales – it would be extremely easy for two parties to “agree” on a sale that never happened in an attempt to raise or lower PPG’s Estimated Value. Because of this, we have found the best option is omission. One might argue that this could be done on eBay as well, but with eBay’s controls in place to keep both sellers and buyers in check, and with the fees involved when selling an item, we are confident that their data is accurate.

Why doesn’t the price of a sale shown match what appears on eBay?

As you may know, eBay has multiple selling formats – auction, fixed price, and fixed price with best offer. In the latter, buyers have the opportunity to submit an offer to the seller for their consideration. When this happens and the seller accepts, eBay will only show the original asking price – not the actual offer price. Our data grab gets the actual selling price, making for a more accurate valuation of items. Complicating things even further on eBay’s end, the displays on eBay’s desktop and mobile sites, and the mobile app, might vary. In the example below, this Loki was initially listed with a $900 Buy It Now, but a $700 Best Offer was accepted. You can see the “Best Offer Accepted” on the desktop site. You can also see “or Best Offer” on the mobile app, but no indication that an offer was accepted.

Given all of this, if there is a question about the final selling price and/or selling status, looking on the desktop site’s item page or doing a completed item search on the desktop site has proven (from our observations) to be the most accurate. Keep in mind, though, that the final Best Offer price will not show anywhere on eBay’s site.