Funko’s Top-10 Most-Valuable Space Jam Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

Looney Tunes LeBron James

It’s been 24 years since Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad sent Swackhammer and his team of basketball-playing aliens back home. Now it’s LeBron James’ turn to vanquish the Goon Squad in the latest iteration of Space Jam: A New Legacy. There’s an entire roster of great collectibles dedicated to both versions of Space Jam, […]

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Top-10 Most-Valuable Rick and Morty Funko Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide


We’re celebrating “Embrace Your Geekness” Day with a trip inside the sordid world of Rick and Morty! Since making its debut in 2013, the animated Adult Swim series “Rick and Morty” has taken us on some out-of-this world adventures via an assortment of…colorful…characters. So it made sense to take a look at the most-valuable Rick […]

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Top-10 Most-Valuable Funko Basketball Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

Game One of the NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns tips off tonight in Arizona. With that in mind, we thought we’d look at the starting lineups of the most-valuable basketball Pop! figures from Funko. The company’s hoops collection can be found split between two series: Pop! Basketball and Pop! Sports, the […]

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Top-15 Most-Scanned Funko Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide in June


It’s been a busy month for the Pop Price Guide App as we get set to say goodbye to June. Funko’s Mickey Mouse (Art Series) was among the most-scanned items by users of the app this month, joining the likes of Mortal Kombat, Space Jam: A New Legacy and Seinfeld Pop! figures. Check out our list […]

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Top-15 Most-Valuable Conan O’Brien Funko Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

Conan O'Brien

Co…co! Co…co! Co…Co! Conan O’Brien will exit stage left tonight as his late night talk show comes to an end after 11 years that left our sides hurting from so much laughter. Late night will never be the same without Conan. Thankfully we have more than 40 collectibles from Funko to get through the late […]

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Top-10 Most-Valuable Funko Amazon Exclusives on Pop Price Guide


Amazon can’t have all the fun today. After all, you can find great deals on more than 375 Funko Amazon Exclusives conveniently located in the Pop Price Guide Marketplace. But which ones among them are worth the most? We decided to take a look at the most-valuable Funko Amazon Exclusives found on Pop Price Guide. […]

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Top-10 Most-Valuable Homer Simpson Funko Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

We’re celebrating Father’s Day this year by taking a trip to visit our favorite town of Springfield and it’s most-famous father Homer Simpson. While we say “Pop!” figures in the title, our pal Homer has plenty of non-Pop! items, as well, from Wacky Wobblers to Computer Sitters. D’oh! Err…we mean woo-hoo! Remember, estimated values are […]

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New Feature Alert: Search Most Owned Pop Price Guide Items

Pop Price Guide

Ever wonder just how common or rare some of your collectibles might be? We’ve added to our search capabilities with the introduction of filtering items by Most and Least owned on Pop Price Guide. The filter joins other search abilities such as Alphabetic, Dates Added and Released, Estimated Value and Reference Number. And coming soon, […]

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Top-10 Most-Valuable Funko Pop! Loki Figures on Pop Price Guide

Marvel Comics

The God of Mischief makes his Disney + debut this week with the self titled “Loki,” a six-episode series featuring the villainous MCU anti-hero that we all love to hate…and hate that we love. So what better time to examine the most-valuable Funko Pop! figures dedicated to the nefarious Asgardian. Estimated values don’t rely on […]

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Top-15 Most-Scanned Funko Pop! Figures via the Pop Price Guide App

Pop Price Guide App

Funko’s Marvel Black Light series continues to be a fan favorite, as we take a look at the most popular Funko Pop! figures scanned via the Pop Price Guide App between the final weeks of May and the first week of June. But it’s not all Marvel. Other recent favorites among App users is Tony […]

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