Funko’s Journey Through Willy Wonka’s World of Imagination

  Inspired by a bit of an over-indulgence of Easter candy, Pop Price Guide super user Javier Serrano, aka Fjavirserr takes us through Funko’s history of Willy Wonka collectible items.   Most people bear Tim Burton’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005) in mind when we think about Willy Wonka. However, the work of the […]

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Guest Blog: I Have the Power! Funko’s History of Masters of the Universe Collectibles

Masters of the Universe

Pop Price Guide Squad member Javier Serrano, aka FJaviserr, takes us through Funko’s history of Masters of the Universe collectible figures from Pop!s to Wacky Wobblers and more. I remember it as if it was yesterday when my parents gave me my first Masters of the Universe (MOTU) figure. That Skeletor action figure rocked my […]

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Guest Blog – Funko’s History of Artistic Collaborations

Ron English

From Ron English (above) and beyond, Pop Price Guide user and Squad member Javier Serrano, aka FJaviserr, takes us through Funko’s history of artist collaborations. From time to time, toy brands surprise us by making artistic collaborations with contemporary artists and designers. This alliance between them shows us how to elevate a figure to a […]

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Guest Blog: Funko’s Global History of Rare Convention Exclusives

Funko Convention

With the 2021 New York Comic Con kicking off this week, we turn to guest blogger and hobbyDB volunteer Javier Serrano, aka FJaviserr, who takes us back in time with a look at Funko’s lesser-known convention history. Conventions are coming back this 2021 just like they used to be. Step by step, we are recovering […]

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Guest Blog: Collecting Dracula – Funko’s History of Vlad the Impaler Collectibles


Dracula has been around for centuries. Thanks to a ghastly amount of Dracula figures from Funko, the Vlad the Impaler legend only continues to grow. Pop Price Guide user Javier Serrano, aka FJaviserr, takes us through the history of Dracula from castle to collection. From the legends and myths of Carpathian folklore in Romania and […]

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Guest Blog: Funko and DC Comics Travel to the Imperial Palace

DC Comics

Pop Price Guide user Katherine Kinney takes us through Funko’s new Pop! Heroes Imperial Palace collection. Did you love the Chinese Warrior Inspired Batman Pops? Well Funko won’t leave you hanging. They have released new ones to add to the collection. This time they ventured more into the Justice League territory and we are still […]

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