Pop! Football Facts to Make you Look Like a Genius at Your Super Bowl Party

Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and we want you to be known as more than just the person who brought that nice artichoke dip to the party. So we’ve dug up a few fun factoids that blend both the worlds of the NFL and Funko’s Pop! Football collection for you to bust out today in the […]

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Inside the Many Worlds of Mitchel Wu Toy Photography

Mitchel Wu

Mitchel Wu crafts stories through his toy photography using real-time effects to create entirely new worlds. His labor of love has been commissioned by many, ranging from the likes of Disney, Marvel and Funimation, as well as Hasbro, Hot Wheels and lots more. Wu graciously took some time recently to answer some questions about toy […]

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Soda Figure Artist Proofs, maybe you got one?

From the Desk of hptoolhead Recently identified are Soda Figure Artist Proofs, a previously unannounced addition to the Funko Soda Figures line, and they are out in the wild! Like Funko prototype figures, they are incredibly rare with possibly only one per Soda Figure. These were the Soda Figures completed and submitted for the artist’s […]

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PPG Sticker Split: 2016 San Diego Comic Con Continues

We might have recently welcomed 2020 into our lives, but as far as the Pop Price Guide Sticker Split Campaign goes…we’re still, happily, stuck in 2016. Our most current Sticker Split endeavor keeps us in 2016, particularly at that year’s marvelous San Diego Comic Con. Many of Funko’s convention items traditionally come with two variants: […]

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