ToyZilla Teaming up with Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB Family

Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy was just five years old when he opened his first toy store, which was conveniently located in his bedroom alongside his trusty associate, his hippo puppet. These days, as the Creative Director and CEO of ToyZilla, Kolodny-Nagy’s biggest customers are no longer exclusively his parents. The Los Angeles-based ToyZilla is partnering with Pop […]

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Funko Reveals: New York Comic Con 2020 – Day Three

New York Comic Con

New York City might be regarded in some universes as Gotham City, but it’s the world of Marvel that kicks off Day Three of Funko’s New York Comic Con exclusive reveals. While the NYCC has been cancelled because of COVID-19 fears, Funko will play host to its virtual New York City Comic Con during the […]

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Funko Reveals: New York Comic Con 2020 – Day Two

New York. New York. The town so nice, they named it twice. Speaking of the number two, we’ve entered the second day of Funko’s New York Comic Con 2020 Reveals. The day kicked-off with a trip to Springfield and the debut of Comic Book Guy and Werewolf Bart. But that was just the beginning with […]

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Funko Reveals: New York Comic Con 2020 – Day One

New York Comic Con 2020

New York, New York. The city might never sleep, but it won’t be playing host to the New York City Comic-Con 2020 over fears from the COVID pandemic. That won’t stop Funko, however, from once again celebrating the annual event with its own NYCC 2020 exclusives and virtual convention. Paulie Pigeon returns as this year’s […]

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Cataloging Autographed Funko Items on Pop Price Guide


You met your favorite actor, who was generous enough to autograph your favorite Pop! figure. Now it proudly sits on your shelf next to even more Funko items signed by other celebrities. When it comes to displaying autographed items on Pop Price Guide, however, the answer isn’t quite as simple. Cataloging autographed items has always […]

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