Authentication Services

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to collecting, however, beauty, or in this case “mint condition,” is something that varies from eye to eye.

Tony the Tiger Pop

Authenticity is part of the game in collectible appraisals. For an item that is no longer sealed, there’s all kinds of possibility for fraud, including faked variants, repairs, or reproduction elements. Some grading services won’t offer grades on such things because the company’s reputation is on the line with each assessment they perform. 

Agreeing on the condition of an item has always been a contested subject in the Funko community and beyond. This is where an impartial third party can be invaluable. 

But third party services can provide much more than determining whether or not your chrome Darth Vader or flocked Tony the Tiger are in mint condition. With a grade from a reputable service and a price guide in hand, a collector should have a good sense of an item’s value.

Whatnot, for example, authenticates collectibles with a multi-point inspection using a variety of check-list items, such as box art, fonts and stickers, as well as barcodes, figurine and factory codes.

The company will perform this service for any Funko item bought on Whatnot.

These safeguards help to make purchasing a counterfeit Pop! a thing of the past.

To learn more about Whatnot and their authentication program, visit their website here.

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