Top-10 Most Valuable Battle Damaged Funko Pop! Figures

Some Funko Pop! figures simply look tougher than others. Those are the Pop!s that look like they’ve been to war and back. In the Funkoverse, these are known as Battle Damaged Pop! figures.

Pop Price Guide takes a look at the Top-11 most valuable among them, which is convenient…because there are only 11 currently on PPG.

Remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate, especially as we add more and more items and price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy. Scroll below for more information on how you can help us build our Funko database. Follow this link for a current list of the Most Valuable Battle Damaged Pop!s on PPG.


Battle Damaged Pop!s



11. Crossbones (Target) – $8



10. Wolverine (Funko-Shop) – $15



9. Batman (Hot Topic) – $21



8. Steve (Hot Topic) – $24



7. General Grievous (GameStop) – $25



6. John McClane (Walmart) – $29



5. Black Widow – $31



4. Omni Man (Funko Silver & Blue) – $35 to $45



3. Invinsible (Specialty Series) – $55



2. Boba Fett (Armor) (18-Inch) – $110



1. Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom) – $110



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9 thoughts on “Top-10 Most Valuable Battle Damaged Funko Pop! Figures

  1. Here are some you forgot that I think would fall under this category:
    – Deku (Battle) from MHA
    – Darth Vader (Damaged) from Obi-Wan Kenobi
    – Steve with Bat SDCC from Stranger Things
    – Think Mark! moment from Invincible
    – Tomura Shigaraki (Laughing) from MHA
    – Roronoa Zoro (Nothing Happened) from One Piece
    – Luffy and Foxy 2-Pack Chase from One Piece
    – Twice Chase from MHA

    1. Great list! I was hoping someone would help me out. I was kinda limited by search filters and my own knowledge base!

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