Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2024 Funko Exclusives

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2024 is still a few weeks away, but Funko couldn’t resist getting in on the fun early with a slew of new exclusives.

Here’s what to keep an eye on from this year’s show, which you’ll now find on Pop Price Guide here, along with their shared exclusives. Which are the must-haves for your collection? Tell us below!

Are you attending this year’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo? We want to see you pics! Share them with us and we’ll feature you on the PPG Blog!


Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2024 Exclusives


Caesar Clown






Egghead Jr.



First Officer Proto



Franny Funko



Freddy Funko (Pilot)



Green Lantern (Kingdom Come)



Jiminy Cricket (Soda)



Madara Uchiha with Rinnegan & Sharingan



Mirio Tagata (Helmeted)



Po with Dumplings






Shanks Wanted Poster



Tony Stark Summoning Armor



Woody & Buzz Lightyear Playing Video Games



Yajirobe & Karin



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