Pop Price Guide Ratings Challenge! Rate Your Favorite (and Least Favorite) Collectibles!

Fans, collectors and industry leaders have spoken and are awarding Pop Price Guide’s new item Ratings system with five stars and two thumbs up.

PPG and its partner hobbyDB rolled out changes to its Ratings system last autumn and, since then, our members have already performed 692,455 Ratings!

If you haven’t begun rating your favorite (and not so favorite) items on PPG, here’s the perfect time to start. We’re offering a challenge to help us reach 700,000 rated items by the end of the weekend (March 24).

How to Rate an Item

Once you’re in the Pop Price Guide database via the PPG / hobbyDB App or other devices, you can easily filter and search for your favorite collectibles. From there, rating your faves is simply a matter of locating the Rating box located on every PPG item page and selecting accordingly.

It’s easy to do and only takes seconds! Did we also mention that it’s fun to do? See if you can knock out 10 right now.


Even More Features

You’ll now also notice that you can track the number of items that you’ve rated directly from your PPG Showcase.

Find on your PPG Showcase

Rate more than 1,000 items and you’ll earn an exclusive (and possibly your first)Badge for your PPG Showcase!

More about Badges here.

The idea behind PPG Ratings is, that the more collectibles you rate, the better we can be in the future at showing you the items that interest you and your collection’s needs.


How We Calculate Ratings

Ratings allow you to find the most, or even the least, popular collectibles based on your preferences. Plus lots more, like creating cool lists such as the Most-Liked VWs. Or how about the Least-Liked Batman items?

With the new system, every collectible begins with a 2.75 out of 5 rating (that is the middle of the lowest Rating of 0.5 and the highest Rating of 5.0).

And rating items differently between 0.5 (“I absolutely hate this”) and 5.0 (“the very best ever made!”) really helps. See, for example, these two items with 20 Ratings  –

On the left you have twenty 5.0 Ratings and on the right nineteen 5.0 Ratings and a single 4.0 Rating and you can clearly see the difference that makes!

So it’s important to not only rate items using 1’s and 5’s. Don’t be afraid to use the decimals between digits to help us create a true lists as only the very best items should have a combination of the most and highest votes and thus show up on top.

See a comprehensive guide to how Ratings work on PPG and hobbyDB by following this link.


Let’s Get Started

Ready for a challenge? We currently have 692,455 items rated on PPG/ hobbyDB. Can you help us reach 700,000 by the end of the weekend (March 24)?

What’s your favorite subject to sort by ratings? Hot Wheels Mustangs? Pop! Marvel? Share with us in the comments below!


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