The Taylor Swift Effect: Travis Kelce Now the New Most Valuable Pop! NFL Figure

Tom Brady has sat atop the NFL kingdom since his rookie year in 2000. The man known as TB12 is widely considered the GOAT on the football field and Funko shelves.

Since its release in 2016, the Julian Edelman, Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski (3-Pack) has ruled all Pop! NFL figures as the most valuable. Today it has an impressive estimated PPG value of $270.

But today is no ordinary day. Today is Feb. 11, Super Bowl LVII and with Brady since retired, his 3-pack has now been dethroned.

And we’re willing to bet you know exactly which player now has the most valuable Pop! NFL figure…

The Taylor Swift Effect has come to Funko, even if her own Pop! hasn’t. Travis Kelce is now the most valuable Pop! NFL figure with an estimated PPG value of $340.

Funko’s professional sports Pop!s are unique from other Pop!s, in that estimated value, oftentimes, can be linked to performance. Read “What Happens to the Value of Your Funko Pop! Sports Figures After They’re Traded,” where we break down the correlation between pro athlete performance and the estimated value of their Funko Pop!s.

Kelce is no slouch when it comes to NFL players. The future Hall of Famer was considered among the best of all time at his position long before his relationship with the pop icon (not to be confused with Pop! Icon).

As for Kelce, however, the Kansas City Chief tight end has become a bit of an outlier. In fact, thanks to PPG’s historical charts, you can see the direct boost that his Pop! received around September when the two became romantically intertwined.

Stay tuned to see if his Pop! devalues should the power couple ever break up.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, most Swifties will likely agree that a Tay Tay Funko Pop! is long overdue. A Taylor Swift Pop! would almost certainly break all kinds of Funko sales records. Check out some Pop! Custom Taylor Swifts on PPG!


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