Pop Price Guide App: Most Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in December

December is always an exciting month with lots of new Funko Pop! figures arriving in our collections over the holiday season.

That kept the Pop Price Guide App busy to end the year. So we decided to check out the Most Scanned Funko Pop!s from the month by you, the users of the PPG App.

Have you downloaded the Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB App, yet? Take advantage of the App’s barcode scanning tech to easily add items to your collection, perform quick on-site research (stores, cons) and more. Android and iOS versions available here!

What did you scan in December? Tell us in the comments below!


Most Scanned in December


10. Yuji Itadori with Tsukamoto Doll



9. T-Rex Dinozord



8. Ryomen Sukuna



7. Harley Quinn with Belt



6. Batman (DC 1 Million) 



5. Spider-Man / Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man / The Amazing Spider-Man / Doc Ock / Electro / Green Goblin / The Lizard / Sandman



4. Ahsoka Tano



3. Bullseye in Mickey Ears



2. Vecna



1. Grand Admiral Thrawn


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