Countdown 2023! Most Pop!ular Funko Pop! Figures of the Year! No. 3! Kyojuro Rengoku!

We’re proclaiming 2023 to be the Year of (Pop!) Animation as Funko, once again, flexed its international appeal.

Before we look ahead to 2024, we’re reminiscing on the year that was with a look at the Most Pop!ular Funko collectibles of 2023.

This is determined by the Funko Pop!s that are found the most among the collections of Pop Price Guide members, or as we call them “Most Owned.” Through the end of the year, we’ll countdown the Top-10 Most Pop!ular of ‘23.

What did you add to your collection this year? We want to know! Tell or, better yet, show us in the comments below!

Now! Without further delay! The No. 3 Most Pop!ular Funko Pop! of 2023 is…


Kyojuro Rengoku




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No. 10 – Tomura Shigaraki

No. 9 – Sanemi Shinazugawa

No. 8 – Jinbe

No. 7 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man

No. 6 – Roronora Zoro

No. 5 – Mitsuri Kanroji

No. 4 – Spider-man with Scars (Unmasked)


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