Handmade by Robots x Abominable Toys x hobbyDB Exclusive: Limited Edition Orange Chomp and Autograph Giveaway

We know that many of you collect more than just Funko. So we couldn’t resist sharing this Black Friday exclusive from our partners at hobbyDB and our friends at Handmade by Robots and Abominable Toys! Scroll below to see how you can add this rare Chomp to your collection! Act quickly!

We hope you saved some room after Thanksgiving for a Black Friday Chomp!!

All that glitters isn’t always gold. Sometimes it’s vinyl, glows in the dark and can be even a bit scary…in a cute, cuddly kind of way.

Abominably cute.

Meet Glow in the Dark Orange Overload Chomp, or Orange Overload as we’ve affectionately been calling him. He’s the first of his kind and an exclusive collaboration between Handmade by Robots, Abominable Toys and hobbyDB.

And you can add him to your collection beginning today as part of our Black Friday Celebration!

You’ll have to act quickly, however, if you want to own the most recent variant of Abominable Toys’ iconic Chomp character. This exclusive is limited to just 312 pieces!

But there’s more!!

Those who purchase the Orange Overload will be entered into a raffle to win an exclusive 1:1 Orange Chomp autographed by Chomp co-creators Benjamin Su and Connor McConnell.

Click the Chomp below to buy yours for $23.99, plus shipping ($7.60 U.S., $24 Canada and $30 Rest of World)!

Once you’ve bought your Orange Overload, add it to your hobbyDB collection here! And don’t stop there! hobbyDB is now the Official Archive for Abominable Toys, meaning you can add your entire collection and lots more!

hobbyDB x Abominable Toys Official Archive!

We’re opening up the hobbyDB vault and welcoming in Chomp and all of his friends from Abominable Toys as the next great brand to entrust their Official Archives with hobbyDB.

It’s here where you’ll be able to find every Abominable Toys collectible ever, including new releases. Collectors can utilize hobbyDB to build and track the value of their Abominable Toys collections, plus lots more.

Peruse the Abominable Toys Official Archives here!

Handmade by Robots x Abominable Toys x hobbyDB Exclusives

Chomp joins the list as the latest hobbyDB exclusive between Handmade by Robots and now Abominable Toys.

Robot 283362-1 Micro

In April we collaborated to giveaway 10 of the rarest Handmade by Robots figures ever with Robot 283362-1 Micro figure.

We followed that up in August by offering Handmade by Robots’ first retooled Ghostface.

So stay tuned for lots more to come!

Handmade by Robots x hobbyDB Official Archives

hobbyDB is also the proud home of Handmade by Robots’ Official Archive. Build and track your collection by choosing from every Handmade by Robots ever, and lots more, by following this link!

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