Top-10 Most Valuable Godzilla Funko Pop! and Hikari Figures

He’s mean. He’s oftentimes green. And if you have some of his action figures…he’s quite valuable.

He is Godzilla and he’s been terrifying villages and audiences since first rising from the ocean in 1954. Over the course of the following decades he’s blazed an enormous path into pop culture.

We decided to take a look at the Top-10 most valuable Godzilla Funko collectibles. Scroll below to see how you can help us expand our Godzilla database as part of the Pop Price Guide Squad. Follow this link for an updated list of the Most Valuable Godzilla Action Figures currently on PPG.


Top-10 Funko Godzilla


10. Godzilla (White & Black) (Purple Back) (Books-A-Million) – $38 – $95



9. Classic Godzilla (Gemini Collectibles) – $110



8. Blue Ghost Godzilla (Hikari) – $140



7. Burning Godzilla (GTS/Underground Toys) – $85 – $165



6. Godzilla (Black & White) (Toy Tokyo) – $185



5. Burning Godzilla (NYCC ‘ 15) – $260



4. Godzilla (Ghost) (Glow in the Dark) (Toy Tokyo) – $270 – $330



3. Kaiju Godzilla (Hikari) (Funko-Shop) – $340



2. Godzilla (Funko Soda) (Artist Proof) – $90 – $700



1. Deep Sea Godzilla (Hikari) (ECCC ’16) – $940



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