Collector Showcase: captnfunko’s Quickly-Expanding Funko Collection

It’s amazing how quickly a collection can grow in size. Just ask Matt Baugher, aka hobbyDB member captnfunko, who has seen his collection expand like giant Antman after setting his eyes on his first Funko Pop!

Matt takes us through his impressive collection, which you can check out here via the captnfunko Showcase.

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Over to you, captnfunko!

What was your first Funko Pop! and when / how did you get it?

I actually bought two for my first time they were Emma Frost #184 and Cable #177 from the X-men. Got them on eBay!

What got you hooked?

How did I get hooked, you ask? I’ve actually never had a hobby until collecting Funko Pops! I was just supposed to collect the X-men so much for that!

How big would you estimate your collection is?

My collection is nearly at $23,000 according to the database. Geez that’s a lot when I say it out loud!!

Is there a specific line of Pop!s that you collect?

I only collect Marvel and DC, that is my fandom. Once upon a time I was collecting AD Icons but my bank account was like hey bro what are you doing lol.

What’s your favorite Pop!?

My favorite regular size Pop! would be Cosmic Ghost Rider #518. Now, my favorite 10-inch is Giant Man 414. Who doesn’t love ant man?

What’s your most valuable Pop!?

My most valuable Pop! at the moment is Iron Man (The Avengers) #11.

What’s a Pop! that your collection is missing?

A Pop! that I’m missing from my collection? I’ve been trying to get my hands on the 18-inch Flocked Groot. Also, the Superman 10-inch Chase #159. Man what a beauty!

What do you consider your grail and do you own it?

I honestly don’t consider anything I have a “grail” yet. But I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on Freddy Funko #12. I would definitely consider that a “grail.”

Why collect Funko?

Why collect Funko? People ask me that all the time. It’s the joy that I get going with my fiancée to look at all the stores trying to find a Chase. Going to comic conventions and getting our Funkos autographed. Funko has just been a big part of my life for the past five years.

Do you also collect non-Funko items? If so, what?

I also collect comic books, which started about two years ago. It’s starting to get pretty big as well. This house is starting to look pretty small lol.

Thank you, captnfunko! Click the image below to view the captnfunko Showcase on hobbyDB!

8 thoughts on “Collector Showcase: captnfunko’s Quickly-Expanding Funko Collection

  1. I mean it’s not really that much, in my house we have over $100,000 in pops, I myself gave over 2000 worth about $65,000 I would put a picture in but I can’t fit them all in one picture!!!

    1. To me it is not about numbers. Key are having fun, collecting something you like and enjoy your collection on your own and with friends (new and old alike).

      1. I agree. It should not just be about only money. It seems that Captnfunko is giving it all he has and I for one would love to be shown his collection once as I am sure there are lots of fun stories coming with it.

  2. I’m from Belgium, and I think I must have just under 250 pops, because it’s not as easy to buy all the ones you want here.
    But I agree with what some people are saying.
    It’s not the value of our pops, or the number of them, that counts, but the fact that we’re really enjoying the one we’ve already managed to get.
    I have just under 250, and I’m already getting so lost that I’ve created a mini website where I list all my pops, so I can easily see whether or not I already own a pop I want to buy. (Because on several occasions, I’ve bought one I already had).

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