Pop Price Guide App: Most Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in August

The summer might be coming to an end, but the season’s conventions are still on the minds of collectors. Funko Pop! figures from Camp Fundays and San Diego Comic Con 2023 were among the most-scanned items in August by you, the users of the Pop Price Guide App.

We take a look at the most popular last month. What did you add to your collection in August? Tell us below!

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Most Scanned in August


12. Blue Beetle (Glow in the Dark) (Target)



11. Tony Tony Chopper



10. Captain Marvel with Axe (SDCC ’23)



9. Max Rebo (Walmart)



8. Tyrannosaurus Rex (Walmart)



7. Sesshomaru with Bakusaiga



6. Timmy, Cosmo & Wanda (SDCC ’23)



5. Frieza 1st Form (Target)



4. Tanjiro Kamado & Sakonji Urokodaki (SDCC ’23)



3. 001 (SDCC ’23)



2. Freddy Funko as Shaggy (Camp Funday)



1. Freddy Funko as Green Ranger (Camp Fundays)



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