Got Me Some Funko Harry Potter Kinder Eggs…


I found these on a grocery trip on our family vacation in Portugal  –


And thought since the chocolate is good why not get a few.  And yes, the chocolate was good!


So I got

  • 1 POP (these come in two parts that you have to put together)
  • 1 POP-style Pencil Topper
  • 1 Armband
  • 1 other item (a sticker of Hogwards and a colorful band)
  • 3 tiny cards


While they come with their instructions I still do not know what those cards are good for  –


As I only got one figure I was doing some internet sleuthing and found out that Harry Potter is the only series and it consists of 12 figures and some other stuff –


If you are a Funko Completist tell me more about your infliction in the comments and I might send you these items.


8 thoughts on “Got Me Some Funko Harry Potter Kinder Eggs…

  1. Ok sorry had to make an account. Basically, I got a Harry Potter Funko Pop from a Kinder Egg at my Store at Which I work at but I thought it would be funny to Burn it with a zippo lighter (another brand kind of like funko pop)…Anyways, while burning it I had a friend mention that it may be valuable one day But I kept burning it and Eventually The plastic started Melting off Giving a Bad smell off of it. Anyways, I was wonderingi f you knew If i made a bad mistake and had maybe burned something worth a lot of money. Thank you for letting me know if so and if you want to trade for it we can make some cool story awbout how it was a burnt house or something. LOL< anyways thanks.

    1. Value of the POPs? Probably not much ever. But what about your health and the environment? Burning POPs just does not smell right to me…

  2. I’m in the USA & my friend & I along with my husband have been looking for them we have only found 9 of the 12.. Kinda upsets me because we spent a lot of money between us 3 to try to get them all.

    1. Which ones are you missing? They are now all in the database and you can add to your Wish List (and if I have one that you are missing I am happy to send it to you).

  3. Omg I have yet to find any of these
    Other items in my kinder joy eggs.. and I’ve been on the hunt buying them by the hand (actually arm) fulls. And everyone that inhave opened has only had the little figures that you pop together and hang. I’m missing a couple from my set and part
    Of me is so ready to give up because I feel
    Like I’m wasting so much money and constantly getting DOUBLES TRIPLES AND EVEN 5 of them alike… most common is professor McGonigall. I have yet to get Snap, Luna, cho or the female professor with the glasses. It’s super frustrating. I e never even see any of these other little trinkets like Doby pencil topper or any of those others for that matter. I wonder were those released in a different country and not in the U.S. I found this little article only because I googled how many figures were released in kinder joy Harry Potter eggs.

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