Got Me Some Funko Harry Potter Kinder Eggs…


I found these on a grocery trip on our family vacation in Portugal  –


And thought since the chocolate is good why not get a few.  And yes, the chocolate was good!


So I got

  • 1 POP (these come in two parts that you have to put together)
  • 1 POP-style Pencil Topper
  • 1 Armband
  • 1 other item (a sticker of Hogwards and a colorful band)
  • 3 tiny cards


While they come with their instructions I still do not know what those cards are good for  –


As I only got one figure I was doing some internet sleuthing and found out that Harry Potter is the only series and it consists of 12 figures and some other stuff –


If you are a Funko Completist tell me more about your infliction in the comments and I might send you these items.


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