Get Your Own Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Website! Free and Super Easy to Set up!

One of the best parts of having a collection is when the time comes to show it off to all of your friends. We created the Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Showcase so that you would always have a fun and easy way to share and display all of the collectibles that you care so passionately about.

But what if we were able to take it to the next level and give you the ability to personalize your Showcase even further!?

A few months ago, one of our team members decided that they wanted to make their Showcase their official website to make it even easier to show it off to the world. They stumbled upon a company called Porkbun and had an extremely pleasant experience as the team was very fun and helpful when it came to setting up his own website URL.

For those of you who are less tech savvy like me, I was a little confused about what it meant to turn your Showcase link into your own website. Luckily the team at Porkbun was able to explain –

With just a few simple steps, you can set up URL forwarding to point your personalized Porkbun .link to your Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Showcase or Marketplace.

So for example, instead of a URL such as, imagine having Or what about, or The choice is yours!

From there, sharing your personalized Showcase link with your friends and fellow collectors is a breeze. And lest we forget, quite stylish. In fact you can add it to your email signature or FB profile.

Check out the link from hobbyDB’s Canal Noises as a great example!

And if you dive deeper, you can even link to specific parts of your Showcase, for example –

The best part – it’s FREE for the first year! Yep, you heard that right.

As a perk for our members, PPG is partnering with Porkbun to give the first year of your .link domain name for FREE. After that, it’ll renew at a current, already-low regular .link domain renewal rate, which is currently less than $8 per year.

And for those of you that feel passionately about having a .com, there is an option for that too at which the Porkbun folks offer for $10.37 a year.

Decide you don’t want to renew your .link domain at the end of the year? Your PPG Showcase or Marketplace will be unaffected. It will just go back to the original PPG link that you already know.

Setting up your URL forwarding is easy! Check out Porkbun’s article on how to set up URL forwarding for simple steps to send all your Showcase and Marketplace visitors exactly where you want them.

Ready to get started? Message us at and we’ll gladly answer any questions or concerns. Click the Porkbun Pig below to get started!


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