Add a Custom Funko Pop! of Yourself to Your Pop Price Guide Collection!

Have you always dreamed of seeing yourself on Pop Price Guide? How about as a Funko Pop!? With our new feature, you can do both.

Funko offers fans at its Everett, Wash., and Los Angeles stores, and more recently online, an opportunity to turn themselves into custom Pop! figures with its Pop! Yourself promotion.

We’ve created the ability to add your very own custom Funko Pop! of yourself to the Pop Price Guide database. Now whenever you open your PPG Showcase, you can see the Pop! version of yourself smiling back at you.

Adding Your Custom to Your PPG Collection

Do you have a custom Pop! of yourself? If so, adding it to your Pop Price Guide collection is easy.

Start by finding our “Pop! People – Make Your Own Custom Pop!” item listing. See it here.

Once there, click the “+Collection” button to add it to your collection. Upon clicking, a prompt will open allowing you to set the specific details of your Pop!, such as condition, grade and more.

To add images of your custom Pop!, simply click “Add & Upload Photos.

Hit save and voila. Your Pop! is now on PPG!

We did it this way – using one singular item listing – because creating individual Subject pages for every Pop Price Guide Member could become quite tedious.

Follow this link to find a handy guide and tips for adding items and images to your collection.

Ready to add yours? Give these examples a look for some inspiration! As always, please hit us up with any questions or concerns at



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