San Diego Comic Con 2023 Exclusive Reveals from Funko Coming Soon!


One of the most highly anticipated weeks of the year for Funko fanatics is on its way as Funko preps for its annual San Diego Comic Con / 25 Years of Fun exclusive reveals!

Our team is hard at work adding all of them to PPG, so make sure to check back regularly to see your favorites, along with their Shared Exclusives.

This year’s SDCC will take place July 20-23. Check out some upcoming releases from Funko below!

What are you hoping for? Will you be attending this year’s SDCC? If so, take lots of pictures! We’ll share your experience on our blog! Hit us up at and we’ll get you and your pics featured!



13 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con 2023 Exclusive Reveals from Funko Coming Soon!

  1. Still hoping for more DC and Marvel sodas.

    DC needs classic versions of:
    Green Arrow
    Black Canary
    Zatanna (80s Pérez costume)

    Marvel needs classic comic versions of:
    Spider-woman (Jessica Drew)
    Iron Man
    Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
    She-Hulk (Savage)
    Lots of X-men (Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, etc)
    Lots of other Avengers (Scarlet Witch, Vision, etc)
    and many more…

  2. I would like to see non mass produced exclusives and sticker QA. Bring back the days where it was worth going to a comic con and shared exclusive sell out. Mass Produced product is not going to save Funko. It makes it less appealing to alot of collectors. Oh and exclusive should be exclusive not available at Funko of five below for a walmart exclusive.

  3. As lover of pop culture with a particular eye on Funko i will buy them all.
    I will travel to SDCC for sure. Mass produced exclusives are my favorite.

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