Know Your Funko Pop! Star Wars Stormtroopers

When it comes to affable villains, it’s difficult to not love Star Wars Stormtroopers. Their notorious bad aim has kept our heroes fighting the good fight since 1977.

Troopers have come a long way since our first introduction in “A New Hope.” With close to 25 different Troopers with Funko Pop! figures, keeping track of them all can become problematic. So we came up with a handy guide to Know Your Funko Stormtrooper.

See them all Here! What’s Funko’s best Trooper?


Know Your Trooper


13th Battalion Trooper



212th Attack Battalion Trooper



442nd Siege Clone Trooper



501st Legion Clone Trooper



ARC Trooper



Biker Scout



Clone Trooper



Dark Trooper



First Order Executioner



First Order Snowtrooper



First Order Stormtrooper



Imperial Death Trooper



Imperial Patrol Trooper



Imperial Rocket Trooper



Incinerator Trooper



Mud Trooper



Range Trooper



Shadow Trooper



Shock Trooper



Sith Trooper



Sith Jet Trooper






Stormtrooper (A New Hope)



TIE Fighter Pilot



Luke Skywalker as Stormtrooper



Han Solo as Stormtrooper


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