Funko “Fun On The Run” Coming to a Walmart Near You!

If you haven’t made your summer vacation plans yet, you might want to consider going to…Walmart.

*checks notes*

Yes, Walmart.

Wally World is the place this summer as Funko laces up its sneakers for its first ever Fun on the Run Tour.

Funko will play host to 11 events throughout the month of July, promising lots of fun as they celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Each stop along the tour will feature Pop!s with an exclusive box sticker for each city, before concluding in Southern California for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Can’t make it? Follow the fun with these hashtags –


#FollowYourFun #FunOnTheRun #25Funniversary



Fun on the Run Dates –


  • July 7 – Nashville, TN
  • July 8 – Springfield, MO
  • July 9 – Bentonville, AR
  • July 11 – Broken Arrow, OK
  • July 12 – Oklahoma City, OK
  • July 13 – Amarillo, TX
  • July 14 – Albuquerque, NM
  • July 15 – El Paso, TX
  • July 16 – Tucson, AZ
  • July 18 – Scottsdale, AZ
  • July 19 – San Diego, CA


Are you planning on attending any of the Fun of the Run tour dates? Are you going to go all “Grateful Dead” and do the entire tour?

If so, take lots of pics and share them with us so we can highlight them on our blog! Send them to!

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3 thoughts on “Funko “Fun On The Run” Coming to a Walmart Near You!

  1. Awe no run up north! It’s beautiful summer weather here in Minnesota! Don’t forget about us!!

  2. I gotta say, the choices for where they are stopping is pretty lame, and misleading on the little cartoon map. It shows them in Oregon but there isn’t a stop listed anywhere near it. Instead places like Ok and AZ get 2, what’s that about?

  3. totally agree they leave oregon out ebery time. have stores in california and washington but seem to boycott oregon everytime. offer lame deals on and we as collectors have to pay out the ass to flippers , resellers. lookd like everyone that got the batman box just wanted it to resell id much rather had a batman box than a lame flash box or atleast a choice

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