Pop! Rides Trafalgar Law with Polar Tang: What’s Up with the Convention Sticker?

One of the most pop!ular Funko figures from this year’s WonderCon was the exclusive Pop! Rides Trafalgar Law with Polar Tang.

But the One Piece star didn’t arrive in our collections without a bit of chaos. What more do you expect from a character who goes by the epithet of the “Surgeon of Death?”

Traditionally speaking, Funko divides its con figures between Convention (found at the show) and Shared Exclusives (Pop!s found in stores such as Target, Walmart and Hot Topic). These are the same Pop! figures, but are delineated by the sticker on the front of the box.


WonderCon Convention and Shared Exclusive Stickers


Pop!s with Convention Stickers normally fetch a higher estimated value on PPG, mainly because of their increased difficulty to get and lower production runs.

The fans packing the Anaheim Convention Center in late March for WonderCon ’23 found Conventions Stickers on their favorite Pop!s at the Funko booth, including Tawaret, Gelatinous Cube (Blue) and lots more.

Simultaneously, Funko hunters in the stores were finding the same Pop!s, only with the Shared Exclusive Sticker.

And all was right with the world.



All except Trafalgar Law, that is. Its Convention and Funko-Shop Exclusive feature the same Convention Sticker – despite images online of Trafalgar with the Shared Sticker.

We here at PPG initially added both versions to the guide.

And chaos reigned for days. Families were torn against one another, cats and dogs teamed up to fight birds, the Earth’s magnetic poles… err… ok.. maybe that’s a bit of an over- dramatization.

Once we figured out what the kerfuffle was, we eliminated the superfluous one and merged its price points into the real one.

And order was restored to the Pop Price Guide Universe.

Today Trafalgar Law with Polar Tang has an estimated PPG value of $120!



All of this has us thinking about Stickers. After all, Funko Box Stickers can be a sticky topic, for some.

So we want to know your thoughts on Stickers –

  • Are you among the 1,087 PPG members who own Trafalgar Law with Polar Tang?
  • How important are Box Stickers to you and what direction do you envision Funko going in with them?
  • Would you be in favor of buying Convention Stickers?
  • Think we’ll see more of the same with upcoming conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con and beyond?
  • What other concerns, likes or dislikes do you have when it comes to Funko Box Stickers?


Tell us below!


5 thoughts on “Pop! Rides Trafalgar Law with Polar Tang: What’s Up with the Convention Sticker?

  1. I think sticker collectors and/or flippers that buy/sell stickers for $100+ more than the shared sticker is silly. To me it is literally the same exact funko pop, the same exact piece of plastic. I personally collect funko pops…not stickers. It part of the funko community that I personally do not care for, but here people will spend their money however they spend their money. I will only look at shared value if I ever look to buy a pop and laugh in disgust when I see a con sticker $100 more than the shared.

  2. I pose a question on a Pop with a Chase sticker. WWE’s The Rock #46 has chase stickers on both the Orange & Black Jacket. I read the Orange was advertised as the Chase before it went on sale and even went out on sale until Funko realized the Black was supposed to be the Chase and so the Black went out with the Chase sticker also. But there are more Black Jacket Chase’s than orange. So is the Orange an ERROR Chase? Please settle this, no one seems to know. Thanks-

    Sir Bob

    1. Good question…for a jabroni!
      I had both versions with the chase stickers. Found them at different hot topics. Kind of regret selling them.

  3. convention stickers are a Con in them selves.
    don’t buy covention stickers on ebay as 80-90% are sticker swaped.
    only buy from a reputable company or attend the show if you must have a decal.
    this goes the same for sodas don’t buy a soda off ebay as it’s been weighed and you will most likely get a common.
    there’s so many shady stuff going beside the scene with the funko community.
    be careful on what you buy.
    funko just need to have one sticker- void out the shared and just keep the Convention one or vise versa. after all it would also help them cut back on a little cash just making one kind.
    main thing I got to say is trust NO ONE when it comes to stickers,you will most likely get ripped off….

  4. The fact that people can simply make fake convention stickers and swap them with the shared stickers makes it that much more of a pain. I do not mind at all paying a premium for something that was at a convention, but with fake convention stickers going around I would rather get them if I am AT the convention rather than through some third-party marketplace like eBay or Mercari.

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