Pop Price Guide Collector Showcase: The Impressive Funko Collection of hptoolhead!

There are collections…and then there are collections. And very few of them rival that of hptoolhead’s.

A lover of pop culture, with a particular eye on Funko and beyond, hptoolhead – who asked to remain anonymous – has reached an impressive hobbyDB / Pop Price Guide milestone.

With several recent additions, she now has more than 4,200 items in her collection with an eye-popping estimated hobbyDB value of $92,083!

Need to see for yourself? Click on the hptoolhead avatar to see it!



Where hptoolhead is truly invaluable, however, is as a super-duper, mega-awesome member of the hobbyDB Squad. (Click the link to see how you can join!)

Her many Squad roles and accomplishments include Champion, Curator and Creator badges, as well as serving as a member of the Flag Squad and “The Untouchables,” our group dedicated to spotting and documenting fake items.

The real question is, which Squad badges hasn’t she earned? And her Squad stats are equally as impressive as her collection.

As if 2,754 items verified, 2,139 database items added and 1,480 subjects verified wasn’t already tremendous, she’s also assigned more than 61,000 price points.

Everyone say thank you, hptoolhead!

We could go on for hours, but we’d prefer to have her take you through her journey into collecting.


Over to you, hptoolhead!


The first Funkos I bought were the Mini Wacky Wobblers that were mash-ups of Star Wars and Universal Monsters that I got from Toys ‘R’ Us in 2015.

Next came a gift from my roommate of an Alex DeLarge Pop! for my birthday since he knew of my love for “A Clockwork Orange.” Not too long after that came the Tim the Enchanter and Gogo Yubari Pop!s that I found in my favorite neighborhood convenience store and things kinda blew up from there.

The Pop Price Guide database shows I’ve been a member since Sept. 2017 but that was the date of my first purchase through the database. Started using PPG for about a year and a half before that because it was easier using PPG than the spreadsheets that I initially set up to keep up with my collection.

I’ve been a collector of assorted things for most of my life. Things I have that aren’t yet entered into hobbyDB:

  • Over 3,000 vinyl and shellac records dating from the 1930s to current
  • McFarlane Spawn figures series 1-16 and a mixture of other McFarlane figures
  • Series 1-6 Garbage Pail Kids stickers
  • Tokidoki Unicorno and Mermicorno figures
  • Living Dead Dolls mini figures with one full size LDD
  • Variety of art including pieces by Csaba Markus, Josephine Wall, Billy Butcher, Norman Rockwell and others
  • Hundreds of DVDs and CDs

I’m now a hobbyDB coordinator, an Untouchable who’s on the team that Verifies Transactions, and have been resolving flags long enough that I’ve gotten through over 9,000 of them.


My Faves


My fave Funkos are probably the ones I have custom painted. All started when I would be on the hunt for new Funkos and I would see something and think it would look so much better if it glowed in the dark or was metallic or (gasp!) both.

Sometimes a piece is released as a glow in the dark but it just needs so much more glow. I can do that! Even got myself some glow in the dark stickers to use as needed. 🙂

The banner on my showcase shows some of the first I painted. As time passed, I ended up with enough custom painted pieces to fill a shelf, so I did. This was my first custom shelf and everything there has some degree of personalization.


The one I’m working on now – D&D Vecna with metallic eyes and robe and the eyes will soon glow red too.



As far as a grail, here’s something that meets my definition as well as stays with The Grail theme.

Last year, I had the opportunity to see Neil Gaiman (one of my absolute favorite living authors) speak. What made it so amazing for me, besides being in the same space with someone I have admired for so long, was one of the readings of his works he did that night was of my absolute favorite short story of his – Chivalry.

While there was the option to purchase autographed books at the show (I got Art Matters, Anansi Boys, Trigger Warning, and Good Omens before running out of money), they didn’t have (and I didn’t even know it existed at that time) a copy of Chivalry. Cut to a few months later and the tiny book store in Woodstock, NY near where Gaiman has a house offered autographed books.

That’s when I found and purchased what is pictured below – a hardback copy of my favorite short story, autographed by my favorite author.



It’s certainly not my most valuable piece, but is definitely one of my most loved.


Thank you, hptoolhead!! Check out this amazing collage of her collection!!


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