What Happens to the Value of Funko Pop! Sports Figures After They’re Traded

You just received the news and it hit you like a Mike Tyson punch to the gut. Your favorite player was just traded.

All those years collecting him. The jerseys. Trading cards. And, of course, the Funko Pop! — that harsh reminder of the good ole days.

What’s your next move? Do you continue rooting for the player? Or do you go all nuclear and burn all of his collectibles? We highly recommend the former over the latter.

When it comes to Funko, Pop! Sports figures are a rare commodity, in that much of their value depends upon their success (or lack thereof) on the field.

But what happens to a Pop! after a player is traded?

Take Anthony Rizzo, for example. The venerable first baseman was a fan favorite on the North Side of Chicago, before the Cubs shipped him to the New York Yankees. See if you can tell when the Cubs traded Rizzo to the Yanks using his history chart on PPG –

Anthony Rizzo


Then there’s Rizzo’s teammate Kris Bryant, who was traded the same week –



What about when a player decides to hang ’em up? Lots of people were thrilled to see Tom Brady retire…including his Funko Pop! owners! Check out those spikes in value for BOTH of his retirements –

Tom Brady


What happens when a player gets suspended? See that drop in value during August of 2022 for Fernando Tatis Jr.? That’s when the San Diego Padres star shortstop was suspended for PED use –

Fernando Tatis Jr.


Then there’s the rare case of Antonio Brown. Brown forced his way out of the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room, eschewing black-and-gold for the black-and-silver of the (then) Oakland Raiders. Turns out, Brown was even less popular in Oakland and was released before ever playing a snap.

Antonio Brown

We want to know, sports fans, can you think of any other examples where a player’s performance has affected the value of their Funko Pop!? Tell us below!

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