Pop Price Guide: We Found the Funko Landfill!

Funko found itself in the spotlight in March when it was revealed that the Washington-based company would be sending more than $30 million in excess inventory to a landfill.

Funko knew that roaming scores of pirates, scavengers and ne’er-do-wells would be after the bounty, so they kept the landfill’s location a top secret.

Until now. We here at Pop Price Guide are happy to announce that we’ve found the landfill!



Using money generated from our latest Crowdfunding campaign (see how you can invest!), we employed a daring team utilizing NASA-based technology to lead a worldwide expedition.



Turns out, the Funko Pop!s were discarded in an abandoned park located on a remote island found about 80 miles west of Nicaragua in the Pacific Ocean.



Our team traversed the Funko pile that stretches for three miles and made some eye-opening and nose pinching discoveries, chief among them…no Oscar the Grouch Pop!s were found in the rubble.



We did find lots of Sonny Corleones with Trash Can Lid, WALL-E with Trash Compacted Cube and lots of Trash Bandicoots. So many Trash Bandicoots.



Also plucked from the pile was Moira Rose in Garbage Bag Dress, Flocked Sulley with Garbage Can Lid and a host of Star Wars’ Trash Compactor Escapes.



That’s in addition to a slew of Garbage Pail Kids Pop!s, obviously.


We’ll be organizing another trip to Isla Funko. Would you like to be a part of this top secret mission? Let us know at aprilfools@poppriceguide.com!

7 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide: We Found the Funko Landfill!

    1. there’s none left at the landfill. I’ve been there 3 times since this posting and loaded them all up. I’m handing them out in Funkos parking lot of their warehouse in Arizona…😄

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