WonderCon 2023 Funko Exclusives Now On Pop Price Guide

Can’t make it to WonderCon 2023 this year? Don’t fret, we’re bringing WonderCon to you.

Well, the Funko exclusives, at least.

WonderCon 2023 will take place March 24-26 at the Anaheim Convention Center, but Funko has already rolled out this year’s exclusives. And now, as soon as you get yours, you can add them to your Pop Price Guide collection…including Shared Exclusives.

Shop all WonderCon via the PPG Marketplace here.

Best of luck adding them to your collection! Now! Onto the wonder…


WonderCon ’23 Exclusives


Baseball Freddy



Freddy Funko as Clown






Eustass Kid



Trafalgar Law with Polar Tang



Powerline (Diamond Collection)



The Queen (Funko Soda)



Hercules with Action Figure






Flik on Dandelion Seed



Poison Ivy with Plants



Hedwig with Letter






Gelatinous Cube (Blue)



Freddy (Masked) (PEZ)



Bugs Bunny as Superman (Flocked) (Funko Soda)



Snagglepuss with Top Hat (Funko Soda)



Satoru Gojo



Skrull as Iron Man



Lord Krylar



Groot with Bomb



Valkyrie (Glow in the Dark) (Funko Soda)



Funko Fun House



2 thoughts on “WonderCon 2023 Funko Exclusives Now On Pop Price Guide

  1. I love A Bug’s Life, so that Flik would definitely a nice add to the collection! Plus I hope it means we get more from that movie, I’d need all the circus bugs!

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