Don’t Be That Guy: WWE’s Rhea Ripley and Chasing Celebs For Autographs

There they are. Standing RIGHT there! That famous celebrity you’ve adored since childhood.

Pen? Check. Item to be signed? Check. It’s go time.

Few moments in the collectibles universe are as thrilling as meeting that celeb and landing an autograph on that beloved item. The hard evidence of a lifelong dream now sealed in time. And hopefully a vinyl UV-blocking protector, as well.

When it comes to getting autographs, however, proper etiquette is always a must. Some rude fans of the WWE are finding that out the hard way.

The WWE, led by superstar Rhea Ripley, has recently taken off from the top rope when it comes to throwing pushy autograph hounds into the doghouse. Namely the ones that accost its wrestlers in airports.

Among the items commonly thrown into wrestlers’ faces by autograph seekers are Pop! WWE figures, which are quite plentiful in the Funko universe – especially autographed versions.

Check out Cactus Jack signed by Mick Foley, for example, with an estimated PPG value of $115.

You can’t say Rhea is anti-Pop! Turns out, she used to be a collector of Dragon Ball and Vegeta Pop!s! And last month, she finally had the chance to collect her very own Pop! So she can understand the fervor.

But now, the WWE star will limit what she signs and we must respect her wishes, and quite frankly, the privacy of others.

All we ask is that you use the proper decorum. Don’t spoil it for the rest of us. Don’t make us have to create a “no celebrity was harassed in securing this autograph” disclaimer.

Besides, why on God’s blue earth would you instigate someone who could submit you with a vicious Boston Crab before you could even finish muttering the name “Jimmy Superfly Snuka?”

We’d love to hear some of your celebrity autograph encounters. Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be That Guy: WWE’s Rhea Ripley and Chasing Celebs For Autographs

  1. I think a part of the problem is that “fans” are hunting celebrities down with multiple items to sign. Wasn’t there a story a while back about a “fan” waiting for Rey Mysterio with about a dozen or so Funko boxes to sign. One I don’t see the problem. But more than that, come on now.

    1. AAABSOLUTELY agree here! 1 item, 1 person. I grew up collecting autographs from my favorite baseball players, but even as a kid I knew it was wrong to ask for more than 1 item to be signed. if you’re going to be “That Guy” with a binder full of pictures of random athletes or celebs for them to sign. Then go to autograph signings where you pay for that sort of thing. if you’re making it into a business, and making money off it. Than you should pay for the autograph.

    2. Those are not fans those are the flippers a fan wouldn’t tape 12 flat boxes chase the man down, in the video is clearly shown when mysterio calls the guy out if you’re a real fan will sign only one or a picture he kept pushing all those funkos

  2. I always felt I missed out because I can not be in crowded places, however, seeing that above makes me cringe just looking at it. These people are taking time out to do something nice for you and you are lucky enough to be there, have a little, no a lot of respect for these people and appreciate what they do!

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