Pop Price Guide App: Most-Scanned Funko Pop!s in February

Busy. Busy. Busy. The Pop Price Guide App enjoyed another banner month!

We take a look at the most scanned Funko Pop! figures from February by users of the PPG App. Which were the most pop!ular? What did you scan in February? Tell us below!

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Most-Scanned in February


15. Maleficent (Glitter)



14. Donald Duck (Black & White) (Vintage)



13. Doctor Strange



12. Tony Tony Chopper



11. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man



10. Harley Quinn with Cards



9. Electro (Glow in the Dark)



8. Dark Wing Duck



7. Doctor Strange (Glow in the Dark)



6. Cell (2nd Form)



5. Darth Maul & Gar Saxon (2-Pack)



4. Caraxes



3. Fully-Hollowfied Ichigo



2. Spider-Man



1. Sanemi Shinazugawa


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