Top-10 Most Valuable Funko-Shop Exclusive Pop! Figures

When it comes to Funko Pop! figures, there is exclusive and then there is “Funko-Shop” exclusive.

Some of the most coveted and most satisfying Pop!s to own are the hardest to obtain. And as any Funatic can tell you, very few feelings can beat the sensation of scoring an exclusive from the Funko-Shop.

We decided to take a look at the most valuable among them. Is it possible that the No. 1 most valuable Funko-Shop exclusive is a…Soda figure? Check out the list below to find out.

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Top-10 Funko-Shop Exclusives


10. Toucan Sam (Metallic) ($310)



9. Batman (Emerald Chrome) ($330)



8. Tony the Tiger (Flocked) ($340)



7. Kaiju Godzilla ($340)



6. James Gunn ($370)



5. Freddy Funko (NYC) (Sealed Can) ($430)



4. Freddy Funko as Optimus Prime (Metallic) ($570)



3. She-Ra (Glitter) (Soda) ($640)



2. Batman (1966) (18-Inch) ($800)



1. Freddy Funko (NYCC) (Pizza) (Soda) ($1,150)



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5 thoughts on “Top-10 Most Valuable Funko-Shop Exclusive Pop! Figures

  1. Too bad they were all scooped up by bots set up by website attacks and were then resold for 3x as much, or more. Don’t even get me started in flocked Tony the Tiger. Normal people never had a chance of getting these. It’s the same with all funko exclusives. Some might even have theories it’s a scam.

    1. maybe it’s just bad luck or something. but I’ve never had that kind of bad luck. but I seem to always be able to get the figures I wanted. without too much of a hassle but I do understand what you’re saying

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